On Noticing

on noticing

It is perhaps the simplest truth about the human condition but the hardest to act upon.

In the end, it comes down to this: we all just want to be noticed.

We just want to be seen, heard, and told that we matter.

If I could just know that I matter, we think, I could give the world what I’ve got.

And so we wait for affirmation, for verification, for something to resonate- our power on pause as we wait for something, someone to fuel us.

Such a simple truth.  Such a basic fundamental to offer.

And, yet, so hard because as we are waiting to be noticed, our well diminishes, we shrink into ourselves, we lose our ability to marvel because we don’t feel so marvelous.

It becomes a crazy cycle.  We are here to engage the world with all of our soul but, if we feel invisible, we cannot fully engage- not in the work we are meant to be doing and not, either in affirming others so that they, too, may engage in the world they are meant to do so.  We starve for matter— a deep hunger aching inside of us to learn that we matter, a deep hunger aching inside of us to do something that matters.

It comes down to noticing.

What a difference we can make in this world if we marveled anyway, if we insisted on noticing, if we had faith that looking at those around us with starry-eyes would allow us to be seen with those same starry-eyes.  What if we weren’t scared to give away what little bit of gusto we have, what if we had faith that each time we marveled, we would be filled up with more of our marvelous.  We would, I assure you, get noticed.

Make the commitment today to notice, to register awe, to celebrate those around you, to let them know what it is that is so marvelous about them.  Fill them up.  You will not just help them heal.  You’ll help heal the world.

See. Listen. Speak how much others matter.

And watch as you begin to realize how much you matter, too.

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