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Love Your Body Day is Tuesday, October 14th, and my goal is to get ALL of you to sign a pledge to making a conscious commitment to be your own body champion.  Below, you’ll find The Body Warrior Pledge that I drafted six years ago and is featured on Day 2 of Beautiful You.

You can pledge your desire to champion yourself by hitting the comments section below, sharing with us which statement you are making the MOST conscious commitment to embrace, what your first step will be in that journey, and then signing off with your name. Then, share the pledge with all of your girlfriends who should also be championing themselves and start a mini revolution amongst yourselves.

Sign the pledge by midnight EST on October 17th and you will be entered into a drawing for a signed copy of Beautiful You.

Want to download a copy of the Body Warrior Pledge?  Here you go:  The Body Warrior Pledge Graphic

Now, let’s start our journey to body warrior amazingness!

The body warrior pledge

Because I understand that my love and respect for my body are metaphors of my love and respect for my self and soul, I pledge to do the following:

To stop berating my body and to begin celebrating the vessel that I have been given. I will remember the amazing things my body has given me: the ability to experience the world with a breadth of senses, the ability to perceive and express love, the ability to comfort and soothe, and the ability to fight, provide, and care for humanity.

To understand that my body is an opportunity not a scapegoat.

To be the primary source of my confidence. I will not rely on or wait for others to define my worth.

To let envy dissipate and allow admiration to be a source of compassion by offering compliments to others.

To gently but firmly stand up for myself when someone says to me (or I say to myself) something harmful.

To change the inner-monologue in my head to one that sees possibility not problems, potential not shortcomings, blessings not imperfections.

To give my body the things that it needs to do its work well: plenty of water, ample movement, stretches, rest, and good nutrition, and to limit or eliminate the things that do not nurture my body.

To see exercise as a way to improve my internal health and strength instead of a way to fight or control my body.

To understand that my weight is not good or bad. It is just a number, and I am only good.

To love my body and my self today. I do not have to weigh ten pounds less, have longer hair, or to have my degree in my hand to have worth. I have worth just as I am, and I embrace that power.

To recognize my body’s strengths.

To no longer put off the things that I wish to experience because I am waiting to do them in a different body.

To understand that my body is like my fingerprint: a wonderful embodiment of my uniqueness.

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  1. Greta-Ann Co-Wallis

    I pledge to be my own body champion. The first statement I will be making a conscious commitment to embrace is to love my body & my self. The first step in doing so is to look in the mirror & say “I Love You”.

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