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Years ago, one of my roommates made a unique New Year’s Resolution: write and mail a thank you note every week.  Every Sunday, she would sit down and write that note and drop it into the mail on her way out the door on Monday mornings.  This idea has stayed with me for years (and I even included writing thank you notes in Beautiful You).

This year, when it came time to put together my birthday list- the final list for my 30s- I included writing 39 thank you notes to thank people for the way that they have graced my life (not for things– although I do love writing thank you notes for things and have been doing that, too; they just don’t count towards this goal).  I’ve been writing the thank you notes periodically all year and reflecting on the amazing people who have dramatically, dynamically impacted my life so far has been such a gift.  I’ve written to my oldest friends and to their parents, to a close high school advisor, to the Circle de Luz leadership team, and more.  I am not done yet but what I find with each note is that I am awash with new gratitude and joy with each note.  The note unequivocally does more for me than it  does its recipient.  The notes– though they take just ten or fifteen minutes each day, remind me of how I want to live- conscientious, grateful, reflective, humble, celebratory, loving- and keep me connected to all the hands that have held mine- metaphorically or literally- in my life.

This week, I want to encourage you to think of someone who has really graced your life and take a moment to write him or her a thank you note and drop it in the mail.  Hopefully, it will bring a smile to your day.  It will most definitely bring one to yours.

To whom do you think you’ll write a thank you note? Have you ever received an out of the blue thank you note?



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  1. Lee McCracken

    Awesome idea! I’m going to write 52 thank-you notes by Thanksgiving!

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