The Weekly Spark: Make time for the magic hour

magic hour

If you live with anyone else- whether it is a roommate, your partner, or a kid or two, chances are you don’t get as much time to yourself as you would like.

Last week at Be Unbridled, one of the women talked about how she was hungry for “me time.”  It wasn’t even that she needed to go do something with that me time.  She just wanted some time to hang solo.  But with a husband and some kids, there were people always, understandably, in her house.  What’s a girl to do?

Try the Magic Hour!  I told her.

The Magic Hour is something that I started last year.  BF wakes early for his workout (about 5-5:15 am) and, after he comes back in, I go get my work out in (well, when all things go right).  And while I used to sleep until it was closer to the time that he comes back in, sometime last year,  I started to wake up when he did and enjoying that quiet time in the house– in my bedroom all alone.  Sometimes, I worked.  Sometimes, I read.  Sometimes, I did yoga or lifted weights.  Sometimes, I did a little bit of all of that.   It didn’t really matter what I did- it was really about just having an hour of quiet to check in with myself before having to acclimate to the day (and help the rest of my family, especially the littlest one) .  It’s a school year routine that I have just loved (I probably just do quiet hour 2-3 times a week during the summer) and looking forward to it is one of the things that is making the end of summer a little bit easier to stomach because while I’ll miss having less deadlines (like grading papers promptly for students), I look forward to savoring that magic time Monday through Friday.

This week, see if you can find a magic hour in your life.  Whether than you wake up earlier than your housemates or retreat from some QT (quiet time) after all the little ones are down, look for a little sliver of quiet that might serve as the perfect starter or reset for your soul regularly.

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