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I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I turned 39 yesterday, and it really was a great day. It started with a cinnamon roll. By mid-day, we were at Bank of America stadium, introducing our boy to his first NFL football game, and by nightfall, both my boys (the big one and the little one) were fast asleep, and I was in the dining room, laying out my new vision boards.

Yes, vision boardS. Last year, I started making two vision boards for the new year instead of just one. One vision board captured my personal dreams and visions. The other captured my professional dreams and visions. For someone who really loves inspiration and intention, it was fun to double the fun, but this approach did more than just give me two works of art for my office. It gave me two clear visions for what I wanted to create in my life. Clarity can only help, and it has been so encouraging to see the images from this past year’s vision board in the light of this year’s actions and accomplishments over the last few weeks.

2013 personal vision board

Of course, not everything has been fully realized but so much has been put in motion. I love how simply capturing my intention on the vision board is an impetus. And so every year, I use my birthday- my personal new year- to give my new year that push and hope. This works because my birthday is near the actual new year while also satisfying that little part of me that really likes to get things done early. This morning, I’ll walk out to the Sugar Shack, my little office, pull down last year’s vision boards (which are in prime viewing location on my windows) and replace them with my new ones. I’ll move last year’s boards to a higher shelf so that I can look back over them whenever I like.

And then I will begin to live these days leading up to my fortieth birthday with as much intention and vision as I can muster. Because, in the end, what I have figured out is that intention matters and the journey we take towards our intention really is the goal.

Intention. What I have found in my life is that intention changes everything. If you would like to begin your 2013 with intention, I would love for you to join me at visionSPARK, an energetic, inspiring workshop that is all about starting with vision and living with intention.
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because intention matters

 December 7, 2012 9:30 am to 12:30 pm

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at Triple Play Farm in Davidson

SPARK your year. With a new year upon us, you have likely thought about some goals you have for yourself. But have you thought about how to capture those goals in a way that actually inspires you? Have you thought about how to give your dreams and visions clarity and feeling?

At visionSPARK, you’ll capture your ideal life’s vision not just in conversation and words but in a tangible, inspirational vision board. You’ll imagine the possibilities in a pre-workshop workbook, gather inspiration, and then chart your vision with thoughtful support during the workshop. You’ll leave with an inspirational board to display, a touchstone word to root you and reinforce your commitment during the year, a gentle call to action to guide you and the motivation to manifest the life you imagine.

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