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I’ve also been reading your book and I love it!  You are so courageous to share your experiences, but I’m thankful to have them to read – being women we universally have the same experiences, fears, triumphs and heartbreak, and I think you’ve captured this in your story, but you’ve also taught us that our differences like race, cultural expectations and traditions can make us stronger and more accepting if we take the time to listen to one another and understand our histories.  We can be better women for it!  Thanks Rosie – for being you and for bringing your world to me!  Anna, Charlotte, NC

Having Rosie Molinary speak was like having a big door open wide and all these ideas, thoughts, and feelings came tumbling through! Her presentation was thought-provoking, empathetic, inviting, and, at times, heartbreaking. If anyone works with Latina students, Rosie and her book, Hijas Americanas are absolute must-haves. It is the best way to start a much-needed discussion about Latinas and body image issues.  Dr. Francesca Maresca, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ   

Rosie’s book is a compelling combination of Rosie’s personal story growing up as a first generation Latina in the US and the stories of hundreds of women she interviewed and surveyed.  It is full of important information and is also incredibly readable.  As a white American, my guess is that the book has particular importance to young Latinas and those who love them and also to a wider audience of women, including me, who can identify on a more broad level.  Although the book was not about me personally, as I read it, I found myself examining how I came to the views I hold about beauty, gender, relationships, family, etc.  Not only is the book an excellent read, but Rosie also has an amazing presence as a workshop leader.  As a former high school and college teacher and advisor, Rosie is a born educator and her charisma is never more evident than when she is in front of a group of people – particularly young adults – talking about issues she is passionate about.  Rosie could make any audience excited about virtually any mundane topic, but when you combine Rosie’s energy and natural talent as a teacher with a topic of interest for so many, you can’t help but have a great workshop.  Jill Williams, Consultant, International Center for Transitional Justice

Your book came today. You had me at the introduction. Actually, you had me at the “Author’s Note on Lexicon”… I am already highlighting and underlining, impressed by your craft, but even more by your passion.  Know that I consider it a true honor to read the whole of your work. I always tell my kids that it’s a brave and necessary thing to send your words out into the world. Thanks. I wish I could articulate my reaction better. For now, wow.   Lynn, Cincinnati   

I just started reading your book.  I can’t put it down!  I work in a high school with young Latinas through a program we named Latinas Leading Tomorrow. I purchased 6 of your books to share with them!  The information in it is so vital! I think as Latinas we are under such pressures to be “perfect” in every way (however perfection means conforming to others’ perceptions) that it is no wonder why our teens girls and our women in general have the highest incidence of depression and anxiety disorders!  Keep up the great work and let us know when you will be in the DC area signing and discussing your book! I’m so proud of you!  Gracias!  Madeline, Arlington,VA

I am excited about what I learned from your great book, and have a totally different perspective on the culture of the Latinos, and totally respect it all.  You embraced me as a reader and I thank you so much.  Marilyn, Wilmington, NC

I just read “Hijas” and, as a Latina, it resonates with me very deeply. Your ability to bring life to words is an amazing gift. Your book truly touched my heart.   Thank you for your beautiful talent, and I can’t wait for your next project.  Rebbie, NY

I started to read your book this morning. I immediately felt a connection to it and you. Cari, Scarsdale, NY

I was at Barnes & Noble over the weekend and just happened to come across your book. I just started and it’s so amazing! I love reading the stories of other mujeres and yours too!   Stephanie, NY

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  1. Heidi, CA

    Thanks you so much! What a great book ! It took me on an emotional roller coaster filled with laughter and tears. Brought back many childhood memories I had until then forgotten. I was surprised that no one spoke to the topic of alcoholism and addiction. Great insight

    1. rosiemolinary

      Thanks so much, Heidi! I am glad that you found the book and that it was a compelling read for you!

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