Rosie keynotes and offers workshops on a regular basis.  Below are some of her upcoming events and topics. Please contact her directly about any requests you have for your group.


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Beautiful You(th): a mother-daughter workshop

October 11 from 1 to 5pm in the The Mallard Room, Homewood Suites at Davidson (North Carolina)                                               

Is your daughter in high school?

Do you feel like your role in championing her self-confidence is negated by the rush of images and messages coming at her from society?

Do you want to form a stronger bond with her?

Are you eager for an incredibly positive experience that allows the two of you to reconnect over who and how you both want to be in the world?

Beautiful You(th) is an interactive mother-daughter workshop that will give you both more of what you need—time together, perspective about the world and its many messages, and the opportunity to distill down to what matters most for you. 

Why does this even matter? 

In Real Pressure, Real Girls: A National Report on Self-Esteem, researchers revealed that…

  • 7 in 10 girls believe they are not good enough or do not measure up in some way, including their looks, performance in school and relationships with friends and family members.
  • 62% of all girls feel insecure or not sure of themselves
  • 57% of all girls have a mother who criticizes her own looks in front of them.
  • 57% of all girls say they don’t always tell their parents certain things about them because they don’t want them to think badly of them.
  • The top wish among all girls is for their parents to communicate better with them, which includes more frequent and open conversations about what is happening in their own lives.

What will we be doing? 

We’ll have a real conversation about the pressures that women face, what we can do to respond to them, and consider new ways of thinking about what we face and how we present ourselves.  We’ll talk about self-care, claim who and how we want to be in the world, and lay the ground work for many more deep conversations after the workshop is long over.  You’ll share, create, and laugh together, and leave with a road map (and plenty of tangible and emotional tools) to keep practicing profound self-care and radical self-acceptance.


Registration for two (mom and daughter) is $200 but use EARLY at check-out for $25 off until September 11th.   Registration includes supplies for our creative activities (fun, meaningful activities you’ll get to take home with you!), a copy of Beautiful You: A Daily Guide to Radical Self-Acceptance, and a couple surprises.

The good news—this will be an intimate event—just 15 mother/daughter pairs can register!  The bad news—you need to register soon to get your spot!

Refund policy 

Due to limited maximum class size, purchased spots for all workshops and retreats are transferable but payment is non-refundable.  If you register for a workshop but are unable to attend, you can transfer your registration fee to another workshop up to six months after the workshop for which you originally registered.  If your new workshop has a higher registration price, you will need to cover the balance.

Passion. Purpose. Plunge Retreat 

Don’t see what you most need?  Perhaps you want to work on me one on one through a Passion. Purpose. Plunge retreat.  These personalized retreats are designed by me especially for you based on exactly what you want and need and can be powerful, life moving (and affirming) experiences.



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 Recent Speaking Locations

Keynotes and workshops are interactive and ideally last 90 minutes to include a period of time for questions.  They can, however, be adapted from 45 minutes to an hour and fifteen minutes.  Each event should be followed by a book signing.

10 Truths for Your Self-Acceptance Journey

Everyday, we perpetuate non-inclusive body and beauty ideals that limit our possibilities. It is time for women of all colors, sizes, and ethnicities to confront the boxes they are placed in by themselves and others and create worldviews that are expansive and empowering. This powerful, interactive workshop reveals ten powerful lessons about journeying to self-acceptance and the tools that can help make anyone more self-accepting. Participants will be inspired to live with purpose, challenged to forego self-defeating tendencies, and encouraged to champion all women.  Frank discussion about idealized beauty standards and our buy-in will help women build their media literacy and escape the stranglehold of idealized beauty so that we can concentrate our energies on using our skills and experiences to improve our world.

Audience: High School, college, and adult populations

Bodies and Besties

This interactive workshop guides participants in exploring how they can treat themselves, their bodies, and their friends well.  The workshop ends with the participants creating a powerful pledge to how they will be their own best friend and a good friend to others.

Audience: 4th through 9th graders

Media Matters

This interactive workshop reveals the extent of our use of media and its impact, exposes the amount of image alteration that occurs in the media, and challenges participants to be wiser consumers of media.  Participants will leave with a powerful new understanding of how the media works, the way market forces motivate what we are shown, and what they can do about it.

Audience: Adaptable for middle school through adult populations

What Wise Latinas Must Know

This keynote address ties powerful self-acceptance messages with observations from the Latina experience to give attendees insightful life lessons for their journey.  Can include a brief reading from Hijas Americanas and allows time for questions.

Audience:  High School, college, and adult populations.

Growing Up Latina

Rooted in the work and lessons from Hijas Americanas, this presentation reveals how Latinas coming of age in America reconcile the messages they receive in their homes with the messages they receive outside their homes in order to find themselves.  Includes a reading, an explanation of the motivation for this book and the research process, and allows time for questions.

Audience: High School, college, and adult populations

Beautiful You(th)

Parents often feel as if their role in championing their children’ self-confidence is negated by the rush of images presented to them on television, in the movies, and in magazines. The truth is that parents are a child’s frontline of defense in the body image wars, and it’s never too late to champion your child. Parents will share their concerns and hear best practices for empowering rather than enabling their children while instilling confidence.

Audience: Parents

The Hopeful Year Toolkit

Popular for professional women’s groups, businesses, and civic groups, this workshop guides participants in using four powerful tools to create an intentional, authentic, self-directed life and is useful, life-chaning and life affirming at any time during the year.

Audience: Adult women

Writing Your Life

Self-reflection allows us a moment of inquiry, a moment to identify desire and potential. Generating awareness, and then moving to personal solutions, takes time and thought, brainstorming and checking in, enough repetition to want to change our choices and build a new habit, and the knowledge of why this habit will be good for us when we want to revert. Journaling predisposes us to a more successful embrace of our self and our choices, insulating and boosting our self-awareness which raises our self-esteem. Participants will engage in a range of journaling tools and practices.

Audience: High school, college and adult populations

Story Matters 

This workshop/keynote looks at the importance of our individual stories in what we bring to the table, especially in professional or school settings.  Rather than focusing diversity on simply one’s race, we look at diversity through the unique lens of what we each have to offer and work intentionally to heighten everyone’s awareness of the depth that each unique individual brings to a community while building respect and cohesion among the group.

Audience: High School, college, and adult populations

10 responses to “Events”

  1. Maria Gorham

    I would like to know more about thisworkshop. We have a large group here in Austin and believe it’s an international group, Las Comadres. We could probably get a good number of women to attend a workshop like this. Is there a website?

  2. rosiemolinary

    Hi Maria! I am a member of Las Comadres, too! These workshops are courses that I can give around the country. For example, I am traveling to Nashville, College Park, Maryland, Warren, New Jersey, Fredonia, New York among other places this fall to give workshops. I am actually going to be a part of the Latino Book and Family Festival in Houston on September 30th. There, I will be giving a reading at 4 pm in Suite E of the Convention Center. I know it’s a bit of a drive from Austin but maybe you can make it. Otherwise, feel free to e-mail me at and we can talk more about these workshops!

    All the best, Rosie

  3. Marian

    Hello, I heard that you were in Atlanta in early August, but I missed you. I’m currently a student at GA Tech and my sorority along with the women’s resource center at our university are planning a Body Image Celebration month in February. We are really interested in having you come and do a workshop, book reading and signing, etc. Please contact me and let me know if this is something that interests you.

    Thank you

  4. AnaLiz Servin

    I am almost done reading your book “Hijas Americanas” and
    I must say, wow I finally feel like I am not alone. Your book has touched me in so many ways, and I wish that the affect it had on me could be shared with the rest of the girls here in my community. Is there anyway, that you can come to Lake Tahoe California for a workshop or perhaps a nearby city such as Reno Nevada or Sacramento California. I believe that the girls (and women) of our community would really benefit from the workshop. Please let me know if there is a chance and if there is anything that I can do to make it happen.


    1. rosiemolinary

      AnaLiz, Thanks so much for stopping in and letting me know what the book has meant to you. I will send you an email to talk about the possiblity of going out to Tahoe. Abrazos, Rosie

  5. Working Mom « Hijas Americanas

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  6. Leendah Sziemore

    It is my hopes you could have a workshop in Reno, NV. If you come to Reno, please let me know. Thank you-

  7. Reen

    i read your book “beautiful you” twice!

    it is written wonderfully for any woman

    being multi ethnic myself i am very thankful for your work!
    keep up the inspiration and the healing of mindsets thru your words!

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