Help Hurricane Maria Victims in Puerto Rico

As many of you know, Puerto Rico, a United States Commonwealth, was devastated by Hurricane Maria.  My family is from Puerto Rico and aid and recovery are slow.  Many had stockpiled supplies to last them weeks but those weeks are now drawing to a close and grocery stores are not restocked, cash is hard to get, and there’s really not much hope in sight if we wait for the government to work it out.
I believe that the most profound way that we can support our Puerto Rican neighbors is directly, person to person, so I want to share two Amazon Lists whose supplies will go directly to affected communities and help families that are having a hard time receiving aid otherwise.
If you would like to help families in the Quebradillas area, you can select items from this list. 
If you would like to help families in the Aguadilla area, you can select items from this list.
The recipients are family members and are committed to sharing supplies with their neighbors to help them all endure the tragedy of this natural disaster.
Thank you so much for your love, light, and support!
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