41 things to do before turning 42

41 things
So, every year in anticipation of my birthday, I write a list.

Do a set of fifteen regular pushups. Take my parents to visit family in Puerto Rico. Complete a century bicycle ride. Raise at least $5000 for cancer research. Work with turtles.

It started as a simple dare. Find something to do outside of your job, I told myself in that third year of teaching when my work hours stretched from 6 am until 10 pm, or you will end up celebrating your sixtieth birthday wondering where your life went. But when I sat down to consider what hobby I might take up, so much interested me that I had no idea where to start. I wanted to try it all, and so I invented a system that would let me, at the very least, try most of it. My first list was written in the days leading up to my 25th birthday. Scrawled across the pages of a journal, I listed the 25 things I wanted to do before I turned 26.

Back then, it was mostly a practical venture. I started to run, paid off student loans, saved money, increased my retirement savings. Each year, the list grew a little more daring, balancing the trivial with the important, the safe with the stretches. I learned to paint with watercolors, went kayaking, sang karaoke even though I have no business singing (it was in Brazil and so my hope was that the language barrier covered up my lack of melody. Just to be clear, it didn’t.). I took other risks like submitting my poetry and non-fiction essays to literary magazines and performing in The Vagina Monologues. Each checkmark on the list made me feel more alive.

Indeed, I was living more fully—with both practical challenges and extraordinary experiences informing my growth. Learning to swim made me safer. Learning CPR helped me to keep others safe. Scale a 5.7c peak in rock climbing? Made me reach deep inside for the reservoirs of strength and endurance. When my father was diagnosed with cancer, I channeled my need to do even more than serve as his chemo companion by joining Team in Training and raising close to $10,000 for cancer research.  It is not just my athleticism that has changed. I have helped my family, traveled and experienced other cultures, made new friends, engaged in my community, developed artistic skills, invested in issues that are dear to me, become better read.

To be honest, some of my exploits have been at odds with my skills or personality.  Parasailing reminded me how scared I was of heights, but I stayed up there the whole time, singing quietly to myself. Competing in a duathlon against some of the area’s finest athletes (when I signed up, I noticed that it said Finest in the title of the event, but I thought they meant well-organized and not really competitive) forced me to get in touch with the reality that I was doing the event to impress myself and not anyone else. And while it would seem that these were failed experiments, I think it is impossible to fail at anything on the list. I have never completed all the tasks on any year’s list, my interior monologue telling me I should have begun the list in my teens so I could have had a chance at a clean sweep. But the fact that the list exists lures me to want to check things off, look it over, and make plans.

I know that I live better and more dramatically because the list exists. At the end of each ‘birth’year, I evaluate the past list. I recall each experience and think about its significance to me. I consider who I have been and who I am becoming, and I decide whether an unmet goal should go on the next year’s list or if its lure is no longer calling me. The list is not just a ritual. It is a formula for how I can make life happen in the midst of deadlines and duties. Regardless of what I come up with for the lists, each year is cloaked in adventure, compassion, self-improvement and satisfaction. It is a gift to myself, a celebration of life, a list that keeps me living out loud.

This week, I turned 41 so it now time to start scratching things off a new list.  Here’s the list…

1.  Create a vision board.

2.  Spruce up the backyard.

3.  Take an aerial yoga class.

4.  Read 30 books for pleasure.

5.  Read 5 books to support personal/ professional growth.

6.  Try 6 new restaurants.

7.  Replace carpet in master bedroom.

8.  Take singing lessons.

9.  Take a workshop/training.

10.  Hear an author speak.

11.  Find the perfect kitchen rug.

12.  Open a 529 account for Happy.

13. Give up Coke for 41 days.

14.  Tweak personal style.

15.  Update Happy’s journal and then write at least one entry per month.

16.  Set up a Little Free Library.

17.  Offer a 2 day retreat in Charlotte-area.

18.  Go trampolining.

19.    Get skin checked.

20.  Hit 100 Pure Barre classes.

21.  Ride water.

22.  Finish the attic reorganization.

23.  Do Thai Yoga.

24.  Have a family picnic.

25.  Plant a garden.

26. Start running again.

27.  Speak at at least 5 colleges.

28.  Get a new book contract.

29.  Take Happy ice skating or roller skating.

30.  Further develop workshop and retreats.

31.  Listen to live music.

32.  Take a cooking class with BF.

34.  Go on a retreat.

35.  Go on trip with mom and dad.

36.  Take Happy on a hike.

37.  Outfit the back deck.

38.  Take a computer or technology class.

39.  Try boot camp.

40.  Go 2 weeks without wearing a cardigan.

41.  Attend a trivia night.

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2 responses to “41 things to do before turning 42”

  1. Tami - Teacher Goes Back to School

    Stasia from Thrift Me Pretty worked her magic on me in more than one way. Girl, you will LOVE her.

    I use the LIFT app on my phone to help me establish new goals. Check it out for quitting Coke and cardigans. High fives and lots of support.

    Thanks for posting this – I am so inspired I am currently making my list of 45. Seriously, should have started this biz in my 20s!

    Love you, girl!


  2. Yvette

    Live Music and Trivia night??!! I would so be ur girl.. dang this long distance friendship 🙂
    A 2 day retreat? Im down!

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