See what the muses + horses have in store for you!


Are you hungry for a moment of creating in the midst of all the doing and being that your life demands of you?

Are you looking for a creative challenge that will gently stretch your abilities while opening you up to your possibilities?

Do you just want time and permission to explore with horses, consider nature, paint, write, draw, or capture images without any expectation and without worrying about the set-up or clean-up?


Discover what the muses and the horses have in store for you at Equinox this September 20th from 9 am to 12:30 pm at Triple Play Farm in Davidson.

At Triple Play Farm, we offer powerful equine facilitated learning and creative experiences that awaken a clear self-awareness in you while you have a wonderful, soul-stretching and refreshing time in a beautiful setting.

Equinox is a unique retreat designed to feed your creativity and foster your awareness of your creative process and yourself. Participants will enjoy working with and learning from horses and the absorbing and satisfying experience of creating art during a lightly guided, self-propelled creative time.   And you do not have to be a “horse person” or an “artist” to love this experience!  All you have to be is open to the possibilities of what taking time for yourself might offer.

Our time will be divided between horse work and creative time and participants can individually elect to do a little bit more work with the horses during the free creative period, if they wish.


What have others said about Equinox and EFL-work?

I have been a lover of horses since I was a child but never realized that I thought of them mostly as animals- magnificent animals, but animals nonetheless. Through my experience at Equinox, I learned to see the horses and beings and to learn from what they have to share with us. They are true to their feelings at all times and what they are feeling shows clearly through. This was an important lesson as I approach my creative process because I think it is easy for us to let our busy lives pile over our creative ambition and for us to push that to the side as frivolous. But, if we are true to our feelings as the horses are, we see that engaging in creative pursuits often leads us to breakthroughs in other areas of our lives. During our workshop, a participant who is writing a book and had been stuck on a title created the space in her mind while working on a watercolor painting and, boom, had a title! The day was one of the best I have had in awhile because I was able to clear away the outside world and just focus on what I needed to release creatively. Rosie and Kris were both awesome instructors and had a very gentle way of leading that left plenty of room for the participants to make the experience their own. My only complaint is that the day was too short and the time went too quickly!  ~Mary Kathryn Elkins

The morning I spent with the horses at Triple Play Farm was transformational. Working with the horses taught me so much about being in the moment and trusting my instincts. With the guidance of Rosie Molinary and Kris Batchelor, I pushed past resistance and had a one-of-a-kind experience. I think about my time with the horses often and how amazed, grateful and empowered I felt earning their trust and having the opportunity to interact with such majestic creatures. The lessons I learned continue to shape my experiences. I’ll definitely be signing up for another workshop. ~Jodi Helmer


A new friend posted the opportunity to participate in Rosie’s 2012 Vision Spark Workshop.  I was drawn to the idea of making a commitment to myself.  Not a New Years Resolution; but a challenge.  One that required taking stock of my strengths.  In this workshop I was able to focus not only on myself, but at the same time recognize and appreciate the unique talents of each person.  That VISION was built on Rosie’s ability to SPARK living with purpose.  Now a fan of embracing new opportunities; I was blessed to venture into the arena of equine facilitated learning.  This powerful experience encouraged me to investigate how I develop relationships, range over where I am at my creative best.  I was reminded in the most sincere way that what I want vs. what I need can be two different things. All while through truly observing the beauty and wisdom of a horse.  We all have unique abilities to explore.  Just ask one of the herd at The TriplePlay Farm.  ~Mary Rose Taylor
My husband and I were involved with Pet Therapy for over 13 years with our 2 Labrador Retrievers. We lost one of our dogs recently, and I am having a very hard time accepting her death. Throughout the years we saw the joy, compassion, and comfort that they brought to others. At the EFL workshop, I was overwhelmed to be on the receiving end of the same thing from the horses. I signed up for the workshop with the hopes of being able to learn to bring comfort to others in my volunteer duties at Ronald McDonald House of Charlotte. At the workshop, I realized I needed to find comfort within myself in order to give comfort to others. I cannot describe the peace I felt when I was able to completely relax just by having a horse slowly approach me. I had a little fear of the horses at first but was amazed at how my new friends were so willing to help me get over that fear. It is up to ME to take care of myself and accept the things I cannot change and be thankful for the blessings I have in my life today. Life is good and I must not forget that! ~Marty P.

The EFL event was 3 of the most stress free hours I have had in quite awhile. The facilitators were very knowledgeable and the horses were amazing! I would recommend this experience to anyone looking to learn a little more about themselves or just to have a fun way to spend a morning.


September 20th from 9 am until 12:30 pm at Triple Play Farm in Davidson, NC

$125 includes art supplies (feel free to bring you own including a camera!) and refreshments.

This event is the ONLY EFL experience planned at Triple Play Farm this fall.


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