Shine a light on your truth!

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Are you ready to finally quiet the self-doubt that has stopped you from really creating the life you want?

Do you want to reconnect- or connect for the first time- with what you find life giving so that you can live with passion?

Are you eager to claim what your purpose is in life and realize how you want to live it?

Do you need time and guidance to really help you breathe, think, dream, and plan for your best life?

Are you ready to make this moment YOUR time?

Then Passion. Purpose. Peace:: a retreat is calling for you.

At this one and a half-day retreat at the Scarritt-Bennett Retreat Center in Nashville, Tennessee, we’ll spend our time together filtering out the excess noise while identifying and embracing what is most true for you in how to live authentically and create the life you want.

We will forge a deeper self-awareness, practice greater self-acceptance, examine your self-care in a way that empowers you to be your greatest ally.

We will discover what you want your legacy to be and how to live in a way that aligns with whom and how you most want to be in the world while allowing you to creatively express your passion and purpose in a personally crafted mission statement and manifesto.

You will be guided in creating an action plan that guides your wants and needs at a pace and in a way that is just right for your life.

Ultimately, you will leave Passion. Purpose. Peace invigorated, focused, and clear with a sense of confidence in what you uniquely offer the world and a vision for how to live on purpose in an authentic, whole-hearted, peaceful and passionate way.

Deep soul work + restorative time with like-minded women= exactly what you need to shift mindsets, bathe in abundance, and find that peace for which you have hungered. 

Retreat details

Monday, September 29th (starting at 9 am) through Tuesday, September 30th (ending at 3 pm) at the Scarritt-Bennett Retreat Center in Nashville, Tennessee.  You can stay at the retreat center or commute in for the retreat.  For those who arrive or are available on Sunday night by 6 pm, we can enjoy dinner together at one of Nashville’s incredible restaurants.  If you want to travel in and are worried about travel details, just be in touch.  I am traveling in, too and am happy to help you navigate your journey!

I’ve wanted to offer an over-night retreat experience for years for the amazing women I have had the pleasure of meeting in this work and I am so excited to host my first overnight retreat in Nashville.  I will be staying at Scarritt-Bennett and look forward to the opportunity to come together in this intentional way!

Tentative Schedule

September 29th

9 am – 12 pm   Embracing A Sense of Peace:  Insights and exercises that explore self-discovery, self-awareness, and self-care.

12 – 1 pm  Lunch

1 – 5:30  pm  Embracing A Sense of Passion: Insights and exercises that explore passion and purpose and guidance as each participant discovers and then writes a personal mission statement and manifesto.

5:30- 7  Dinner

7 – 8:30 pm  Embracing A Sense of Mission: Participants will capture their mission statements and manifestos in visual form to display at home.

September 30th

9 – 12 :30 pm  Embracing a Sense of Purpose:  Insights and exercises that allow participants to create an action plan for living on purpose including insights on how to organize time and when and how to say no.

12:30 -1 pm  Lunch

1:30- 3:30 pm  Embracing a Sense of Celebration:  We’ll share our growth over the past two days and celebrate our plans.

Put simply, this retreat is an invitation to celebrate who you are, honor your truth, embrace your talents, and call into being what you seek. 

Who am I? 


Knowing that I write books or teach body image classes doesn’t necessarily tell you what you want to know about how I show up or why I do what I do.

Put simply, I am an inspired asker, a perceptive listener, a gentle but direct truth teller, a life strategist, and a self-acceptance champion.

My purpose is empowering women to embrace their authentic selves so they can live their passion and purpose and give their gifts to the world.   When we each do that, we push this world closer to the healing that it most needs.

Others have said…

I did a person Passion, Purpose, Plunge retreat with Rosie because I’d attended several of her VisionSPARK events and the outcome was always more than a good feeling. Time spent with Rosie is warm and supportive, but it’s also PRODUCTIVE. I knew I would leave my retreat with a clear action plan, timeline, and clearly articulated goals, not to mention fresh motivation to accomplish them. Rosie quickly and precisely narrows down what someone needs to be successful in personal or professional endeavors and then draws a map for how to get there. A retreat with Rosie was an investment in my success and happiness with immediate and measurable results.   Michelle Icard, Founder and CEO of Michelle in the Middle  

Rosie Molinary lights up a room the moment she enters.  Rosie’s contagious enthusiasm for helping each woman live the life she wants inspired our group beyond my expectations.  I hired Rosie to speak at to the Charlotte General Electric’s Women’s Network about the tools she developed to help women create their own “Hopeful Year”.  Rosie taught us to use information to make changes rather than to be judgmental and self-critical.  She taught us how to be more purposeful rather than getting wrapped up in a list of to dos created based on others’ needs.  Rosie’s real life examples hit home for all of us.  Her casual, down-to-earth style led everyone to be an active participant.  Rosie drove us to dig deeper into what we each really want and to examine why we aren’t giving it to ourselves.  Then she gave us the tools we need to make changes in our lives and to be proud of ourselves for who we are and what we want to do with our time.  Rosie was an inspiration to all of us.  Every woman in attendance raved about how inspiring Rosie was and they all left talking about how they are going to make their lives happier.  I cannot thank Rosie enough for the gifts she imparted on our GE community.  Lisa Firestone, Wharton MBA, Board of Directors GE Women’s Network Charlotte

Rosie has the ability to ask the right questions to reveal my truth. Creating the space to dream, vision and create with Rosie was awesome. Definitely time well spent. I feel like I have a plan for my next steps and settled on some new ideas that feel really exciting to me. Rosie just knows the right questions to pinpoint on and ask to reveal a deep, authentic and joyful truth within. Anonymous retreat participant

You are here on purpose.  Let’s shine on a light on your truth.  

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