What feeds you?


What feeds you?

Yes, I mean the literal feeding– the things that you eat that satisfy your hunger and needs and your body’s unique desires.

But I mean more than that, too.  What feeds your soul?  Takes you to a place of satisfaction and the feeling of being well cared for… by you.

I am nourished by…

belly laughs, honest conversations, stories that tear me apart but put me back together, time on my yoga mat for yoga and Pilates and savasana and lots of pigeon poses all by themselves because my hips need that nourishment, long full bodied hugs, the sound of ocean, the ability to read and read and read, a few minutes of sunshine on my face, moisturizing, fresh fruit, doing work that feels on purpose, doing things that make me feel passion, loving other people, being loved, and more…

I have been thinking a lot lately about nourishment.   About how I am doing with nourishing the loves of my life and the people who I walk alongside and even myself.

And I have been thinking, of course, about practicing.  About how everyday lets me practice again what I wish to get closer to in my actions and spirit.  And most everything that comes up when I ask myself each morning “what do I wish or need to practice today” is about nourishment.  It’s about deliberately seeking to give and receive nourishment.

Perhaps this is no surprise given that the word that I choose for this year is thrive.  But I know that this focus on nourishment is helping me to get really clear with my questions and my actions.  Every morning, I stare down that hunger for alignment and fullness and abundance by asking myself what I am practicing, and every night I am attuning to where I still need care by answering, “what do I need right now more than anything else?”

Before you go anywhere else, I want you to think about your own nourishment.  What nourishes you?  Write a list. Fill up the page.  Spill out everything that makes you feel content and abundant and sated.  And then keep that list close; give yourself those gifts; nourish yourself and let it spill out of you like the nectar you have to offer.


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