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I love coming up with gift ideas. And with the holidays coming, I am brainstorming fun things- big and small– to give that will help the lovely ladies in my life take care of themselves and treat themselves more lovingly.  So here are some gifts I love to give, in case they are a fit for someone on your list!

You’re Beautiful wall decal.  I bought these in bulk last year to give to all the girls who attended Right in the Middle.  Such a great reminder for mirror gazing young ladies!

The Body Shop Body Butter:  I’ve been using these body butters for at least eight years and I just love them.  They smell amazing, feel great, and absolutely quench my skin’s thirst.  My standard “flavor” is Coconut but I’ve tried lots of others from Aloe to Olive Oil and haven’t been disappointed.  A decadent, body loving gift for one of your favorites.

Creamed Honey:  This creamed honey is made by monks in Virginia and has become a favorite gift to give to my foodie friends.  There are amazing flavors— cinnamon is my favorite- and you can put together a four pack of delight for your loved ones.  I love it in tea, and I also love it in these ridiculously good oatmeal raspberry muffin cakes.  Such a simple gift to delight your favorite people.

The Artist’s Way:  This book is one of the best gifts I have ever been given.  My college roommate/lifetime bestie gave this to me for my 24th birthday, and it was a game changer.  In fact, I had no idea how critical writing was to my happiness until I completed the book’s journey.  When I finished the book and had that huge epiphany, I started researching MFA programs. I am not sure that I would have started writing professionally without this book.  I now recommend it all the time for women who are in a period of transition and want to get in touch with their creative foundation.

Personalized Letterpress Stationary.  I love letterpress and this is my current stationary.  It’s beautiful quality– love the kraft paper envelopes- and the paper is nice and heavy.  Really a quality gift– perhaps a nice, thoughtful option for teachers?

Curvy Yoga Goodness:  Do you have a yogi or an aspiring yogi in your life?  Anna Guest-Jelley is the driving force behind Curvy Yoga and she does a wonderful job of making yoga accessible for every single body.  From videos to books, there are a range of gifts available for the women in your life!

Hand-stamped Personalized Necklace:  This is another one of my go-to-gifts this year.  I’ve alternated between having LOVED stamped on it and having my friends’ words of the year stamped on it.  Either way, I’ve loved giving this gift– so pretty and personal.  Whatever you put on it, it will be a lovely tribute to your loved one.

Pottery Barn Bathrobe:  One of my 40th birthday gifts was this bathrobe.  I think BF was desperate to give me a bathrobe because I had been using the bathrobe I had for more than 20 years (yes, it was my college bathrobe) and it had an enormous hole, was so worn that it could no longer be called a terrycloth robe and had a burn mark on the sleeve from where I caught it on fire while cooking scrambled eggs for breakfast (hazard of a gas stove, right?).  Putting it on is a like a crazy, warm hug.  Give someone in your life a big, lush hug.

Karina Dress: With a tagline of dresses for every body, Karina Dresses offer great fitting, limited edition dresses that are machine washable and don’t wrinkle.  I have several of these dresses- and my current favorite style is the Penelope (pockets!!!).

A Personal Favorite:  My college roommate/lifetime bestie recently gifted me with a  gorgeous piece of jewelry made by her late mother who I absolutely adored.  It was such a personal gift that I wept.  Do you have something in your life that powerfully conveys how you feel about someone in your life?  Share it!

An Alternative Gift:  Think of a cause your love one supports and make a donation on her behalf.  Many nonprofits are prepared with alternative gift cards that celebrate the gift.

What gifts are you excited to give this holiday season?

And, a small note, none of these links are affiliate links or anything like that.  These are just things that I love to give (or get) that I wanted to share with you.


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7 responses to “a few of my favorite things:: a radical self-acceptance, luscious self-care holiday gift guide”

  1. Kelly

    Great ideas – thank your for sharing. I am “technically” done Christmas shopping…but… 🙂

  2. Cecile

    I’m totally thrilled to give Delight a 2014 calendar with 6 “Daddy-dates” and 6 “Mommy-dates”. Once a month, a very special time to make memories with Dad/Mom and feel loved. As my husband says “well, we should not have to make special dates for it, it should be normal. But OK, inbetween life just happens and we don’t have time anymore…”

  3. Kat

    Oh Etsy, Etsy, Etsy! I have been avoiding the site for some time, but with a wedding coming up, it became my go to. And now, LETTERPRESS STATIONERY! Oh… Maybe I need my own Christmas gift!

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