a blog update

a blog update
Thanks so much for taking the time to answer the blog survey!  I am so grateful to you for sharing your thoughts and opinions with me– that was so helpful.  I want to make sure that I am providing content that is useful and interesting to someone beyond me and you helped me prioritize the types of posts to share here.

First, a congratulations to the book winners– Anita and Alicia!

And, now, a quick update on the flow of the blog for the next few weeks.  One thing I learned from the survey is that most people read a few days a week.  An observation that I have made in recent months is that it takes me about an hour to ninety minutes to write, mock up the post, create an image, and schedule the post (well, this is true for the weekday posts, the weekend posts probably take an hour together).  The truth is I write long a lot of days and the technology isn’t easy breezy for me.  I LOVE doing the blog but I am also faced with the reality that some bigger projects aren’t getting done because of all the things that I have to knock out on a daily or weekly.  For example, I’ve had a book idea for months but only began writing the book proposal this week because finding the time is such a struggle.  I wrote a list of 10 professional projects that were summer musts but I have only finished 2 of them so far (and I promise that I work every minute that I have available to me to work).

So I need to make an adjustment to finish out the summer (which, for me, finishes the week of August 19th).  Starting next week, I am going to do 3 weekday posts (M, W, F) and then the weekend posts (although the weekly This Moment will be combined with Friday Reflections and I’ll introduce a new series on Saturday that details a little more about workshops, retreats, etc).  This will give me 2-3 more hours each week to try and tackle these 10 summertime projects that range from completing that book proposal to writing a couple curriculums to figuring out how to do more of my workshops (like First, Love You) virtually.  I am not under any illusions that I’ll get all ten done but I do think that I will get several more done and that possibility feels awesome.  Hopefully, once summer is over, I can go back to the full blog slate.

Thanks so much for making this space one where I can explore my rambling thoughts and philosophies and life and for making it a safe place for all of us to journey alongside each other as we all try to tune into and live our truth, and, in the words of Ram Dass, walk each other home.  That you choose to walk with me is an honor.  That I get to walk with you is one of my great pleasures!

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