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The idea for the Passion.Purpose.Plunge retreats came to me in a flash while Happy and I were spending a fall afternoon at the library.  And when it did, I just knew that I had to get to paper, I had to write it all down, that my brain had been working on this idea in secret and was now finally ready to clue me in on it.

What makes me happy when I am with those I love is being a really good listener and offering my loved ones the opportunity to pay attention to their revelations.  I am hearing a lot of joy about this, I might say, or frustration about that.  Why do you think that is?  I might continue.  And then I love using the other part of my brain, the part that almost instantly can create a system, a way of doing things, that can hear what someone else loves or hates and, like a puzzle, figure out a way to navigate towards more of what a person wants.

I happen to believe that we really do have our answers about where we want to go and how we should get there deep down inside.  The challenge is getting still enough to have the opportunity to let our own wisdom flow out and then exercising the compassion of non-judgment so that we can keep exploring what comes up without the desire to throttle ourselves because of the information, to instead listen with a whole-heart, a gentle invitation to let what comes out manifest a vibrant clarity for us and then the ability to sit down and create the journey, the system that will allow the transition.

What I found that I most wanted to offer with the passion.purpose. plunge retreats is that quiet space, that gentle asking of deep questions, a compassionate ear as one opens herself to the answers, encouragement to delight in the possibilities, grounding as one embraces what is most authentic and purposeful for her, and then the concrete planning skills to create a breakthrough with that vision.

I’ve been facilitating these retreats now for 8 months and they have been really incredible and life changing, especially for me.  The PPP retreats affirm for me how important it is to be lit from within, how radiance is a through-line to every joy, how checking in with yourself allows for your truest expression, how we are in the driver’s seat of our lives more often than we realize.

Last month, I launched the newest offering for the Passion. Purpose. Plunge retreats: a virtual retreat experience.  Already, I have retreats booked from the mid-west to Germany.  The introductory pricing ends August 1st.  I will keep my current rates through the end of this calendar year (with the exception of introductory pricing for the PPP virtual retreat) but anticipate that they will likely go up in the new year.

If a PPP retreat speaks to you- whether virtually or, if you are local, in person- then I hope you will be in touch (rosiemolinary at gmail dot com).  It would be my great honor to work with you!

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