Friday Reflections

at camp

at camp

Friday Reflections is all about reflecting on the week by observing our senses.  My hope is that this will be a gentle, easy way to tune into how we are doing and what we are experiencing weekly when journaling in general can feel so daunting.

Now, for this week’s Friday Reflections (with each sense as your inspiration, consider how experiencing it impacted your week).

Here is my sensory round-up for this week:     

tasting ::  grilled corn, Goat Cheese Summer Squash Sushi, spring vegetable paella, mint chocolate chip cookies (an emergency batch when a play date unexpectedly fell through so that we could turn Happy’s frown upside down),    

hearing :: Happy laugh and laugh and laugh as we attempted soccer headers in the backyard with a little rubber ball.  He’s kinda thrilled with himself that he can do it.  Now, he wants to get to the point where we pass the ball back and forth with our heads.  I like his confidence in our abilities.

Also, Happy is doing some morning day camps this summer and he came home from camp the other day and said he wanted to be a camp counselor when he is big.  This warmed my heart for two reasons.  (1) His camp counselors are clearly doing a great job, and it always does your heart good as a parent to know that your kid is in a good place when they aren’t with you.  (2) Up until now, his only professional ambition has been to be a lion when he grows up.  Not a lion in the Broadway version of The Lion King which is the way that I was thinking that we were going to need to spin that aspiration so that it might be possible but an actual lion in the wilderness.  Relieved that we now have a professional ambition that is achievable for a mere mortal.

smelling :: The scent of gardenias caught on the morning air.

reading about bugs

reading about bugs

seeing :: (1) Happy look up to a really wonderful young man who lives in town and is building his babysitting business.  He came over the other day for a little bit while I worked on a project and when I told him that Happy wanted to catch bugs, he gamely brought over all his books on bugs and a jar for catching.

(2) Really exciting ideas come together for a Passion. Purpose. Plunge retreat client.  It might seem like 5 hours isn’t enough to change your life but I am seeing over and over again that it really is and I am always inspired and overcome with ideas each time I facilitate one of these retreats.  Such good, soul-filling work!

feeling ::  the sun beat down on me during an afternoon power nap on the hammock (don’t worry, I was wear sunscreen!), really excited about different projects from Passion. Purpose. Plunge retreats (they are going virtual soon- keep an eye out for an announcement), the Healthy, Happy, Sane Teacher, Right in the Middle, and a book idea.

wishing/hoping ::  to move efficiently from the distilling of ideas into the framing of them.  The summer feels pregnant with possibilities and I need to be an efficient mid-wife to get the essential things birthed before the school year starts back up.

What about you?  What were your sensational experiences this week?  Please share!

This post was inspired by Teacher Goes Back to School who was inspired by Pink of Perfection’s Five Sense Friday.

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2 responses to “Friday Reflections”

  1. Cecile

    tasting: a delicious, marinated and grilled lamb roast. A lot of asparagus (risotto, with smoked trout, etc…). The first cherries, peaches and apricots this year.

    hearing: Delight’s hearty laugh and Enjoy’s cute little one… Birds singing. A very good conversation with Delight about having the courage to stand up for our beliefs.

    smelling: it’s finally so far: my roses are blossoming! I so love their gorgeous smell!

    seeing: Delight and Enjoy “playing together”. Enjoy’s great development – she now grabs anything she can and put it in her mouth, so we have to be careful but it is so funny.

    feeling: simply happy and grateful! and tickled/curious at how my professional future could look like. Also thrilled by Passion.Purpose.Plunge to go virtual!

    wishing/hoping: to go further babystep-wise into my reflexions/actions about my future. To still be able to savoure any moment with my husband and children!

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