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The Kimmel Center at NYU

New York, New York!

Just returned from a fast but really wonderful trip to New York.  I was honored to be the kick off speaker for Women’s Herstory Month at NYU.  Their theme is VISIBLE WARRIORS: The Rebirth of Her.  I gave my 10 Truths for Your Self-Acceptance Journey talk whose central theme is that we are all meant to do really profound, purposeful work in this world and for every minute we spend obsessing over our appearance, we are taking valuable time away from the work and healing we are meant to offer this world and then gets into the nitty gritty of how and why to flip your thinking and actions to a much more self-supportive space.

Thanks for the invitation, Kate.










I was really honored to share this time and work with the women of NYU (and a couple friends who came to see me; thank you Debbie and Jill!).

With Karina, Hilary, and Bodhi, the Karina Dresses mascot. That ear, that tongue? Too cute. As are the racks of dresses surrounding us!

 But before I hit NYU in Greenwich Village, I went to Bushwick in Brooklyn to meet the good folks of Karina Dresses.  This could not have been more fun.  I already knew that Karina and her crew were really special and had created a very special company but, boy, was visiting them inspiring.  In this great industrial space in Brooklyn, they are creating beautiful, fun dresses that are made in America  in good working conditions with good wages.


I loved seeing how the dresses were cut, where they were sewn, and the upcoming fabrics.  I can’t wait to see something in that blue and white fabric on the top!

After some time in the sewing room, I went back over to the office space, show room and just got to check out dresses.  The color Karina uses in her dresses make me so happy and there were some new (or new to me) styles that I was really interested in.  I really love the Meghan and Josie dresses already.  But there is a style called Penelope that has pockets that I am really eyeing (Want your own Karina Dress, use MolR30 as a discount code when you check out and you’ll get $30 off a regularly priced dress).

Then we headed to Roberta’s, a great little Italian restaurant right down the road for a late lunch.  And boy am I glad we did.  We had a white cheese wood-fired pizza that was incredible and just told great stories that ranged from the work we do to speeding tickets (and we all had speeding tickets between us and only a couple us are reformed.  Truth: After a week with two speeding tickets in less than seven days (I was in my twenties), I am one of them).

And, because it cannot go unsaid, after my time at NYU, I went to dinner with one of my dearest, long-time friends at Bare Burgers in Greenwich.  Delicious.

Overall, it was a really wonderful trip to New York and I am grateful to the folks at NYU and Karina Dresses who showed me such a great time!  I am back to my boys now which is also its own very special brand of Happy.

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