Guest Post: 5 Benefits of Feeling Your Feelings

My favorite thing about the internet is the chance to meet amazing people from across the way, people with whom I feel so simpatico.  And one of those wonderful internet friends is Michelle Marie McGrath whose energy is contagious and life-affirming.  I asked her if she would share a guest post and she shared this gem which was so inspiring and touching.  I feel really honored to be shared this wisdom and perspective with you.  Enjoy and then go check out all of Michelle’s amazing work!

So often we avoid certain feelings that make us uncomfortable because we label them as ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’.  In truth, any feeling is an impulse that is moving through our body and bringing a message into our awareness.  When you repress any intense emotion, you also deny experiencing the feelings that you find pleasurable and limit your ability to feel joy.  An emotion is a divine message from a part of yourself. Every single part is equally divine.  What might you be missing out on by limiting this ability?

Let’s consider 5 benefits of feeling ALL our feelings:

1.  Increased self-awareness 

When you give yourself permission to just feel, you can observe any parts of you that are particularly vulnerable or sensitive. There may be aspects of you that are simply crying out for your attention when you allow them the space. This observation can only lead to increased self-awareness and wellbeing.  Why would you ignore that?

2.  When you feel your feelings fully, then you can let them go and create space for something new

Feel them, allow them and then let them move through you.  When you block them, they just get stored in one of your organs or body systems, waiting to be addressed at a later date. This can only lead to illness and dis-ease. They are not going anywhere, until you have processed them and experienced them fully.

3.  You don’t have to develop addictive behavioural patterns

One of the most common ways that we ignore our feelings is by developing an addictive or obsessive behavioural pattern, to distract us and mask the feelings being repressed underneath.  This could play out with food, money, alcohol, sex, fixating on a person or any number of obsessive behaviours.  Why not save yourself a lot of heartache and just allow yourself to be human?

4.  You can avoid developing anxiety, panic attacks and depression

One of the causes of any of these conditions is the suppression of feelings. Often we learn in childhood to ‘behave’, that it’s not appropriate to express certain feelings, especially if we are angry or in disagreement with something that is occurring.  In actual fact, it could be totally appropriate to express disagreement or anger with someone as an adult, when it’s a part of establishing healthy boundaries.  Learning to say ‘no’ is a crucial part of growing up.

5.   You can choose to let go of the need for external validation and approval

When you stop worrying about what other people think if you express feelings like anger, jealousy, disappointment or anything else that you are judging as ‘negative’, then you can allow yourself to be authentic and real.  Crazy notion I know!    I’m not suggesting that you go around ranting and raving at every opportunity, but that you give yourself permission to express yourself if something is not ok.

Another bonus benefit of taking responsibility for your feelings is that you totally empower yourself.  Why would you want to avoid that?  Think about it.


Michelle Marie McGrath is the creator of
Sacred Self’s Self-love range of Alchemical oils and cards. She’s the co-author of “Love and Oneness” in the best-selling Adventures In Manifesting series. She’s also created “100% self-love ecourse”, 33 Days of Self-love (starting 22 April 2013) and author of “7 ways to love yourself” ebook.  Michelle is
 passionate about falling in love with ALL parts of herself, and creating products and services that remind others to
 do the same.

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  1. Adah

    Here, here! Saying no is a liberating and validating act.

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