Little Photoshop of Horrors

I had the pleasure of teaching a media literacy workshop at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington this week and I got to share some of my latest photoshop of horror files. I realized that I hadn’t shared any new images here lately so I thought I would share some today.  Get ready for the ridiculousness.

check out Cristina’s finger. After photoshopping her body, they worked on her hands to make them proportionate and hands are always very hard to do.



Model or Gumby (both for the length of her limbs and the plastic nature of her skin)?

This ad was the first ad banned in the UK after they came out with photoshopping standards that basically do not allow false advertising.

Is it Clive or is this his Cyborg body double?


No one disputes Madge’s fabulousness. But not having any of the character that life gives us show up on her face? Not buying it.

Must we lighten women of color?  And must we only show head shots of people who don’t meet our rigid body standards?

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