it is still a beautiful place

when the news was too much on Friday, my heart aching as I gripped my sweet boy, remembering the solemness of my high school students on the day after Columbine and the sound of one of my college student’s voice blurting out, “I am scared!” just after someone knocked loudly on the windowless door of my classroom last year, as I was thinking ‘how do we even go forward’, I remembered this quote from Vonnegut and though it cannot even begin to heal our broken hearts, it reminded me that how I carried my heart- how we all carry our hearts- could be part of the solution.  in this season of lights, dear friend, I am wishing all of us the promise of not just peace but possibility in the darkness.  We shall find our way.

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  1. Lindsey

    You always know the perfect thing to say. And I was just saying to Jodi Helmer the other day that even though I don’t know you, your blog makes me feel like I do. You have this amazing way of connecting with people. I’m sure you know that. But I can’t imagine you can hear that too much.

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