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  1. emily strickland

    I love your list. I use some of these regularly. And you know I am an advocate for calling the doctor. I quietly suffered from severe anxiety for years, way longer than I should have. When I finally spoke up, I finally got the help I needed in the form of a mild anti anxiety medication that was extremely inexpensive and did not leave me feeling “medicated.” I run, and I always said that whatever was bothering me couldn’t catch me while I was running. But it was always there when I got back. Yoga was wonderful as well, and I love a good deep breath! Another one is a bath or shower. Also, sometimes when I am feeling anxious I clean. It’s productive and keeps your mind occupied.

  2. Cecile

    Great list! I love this princip of sharing with each others, there are so much great ideas to learn from!

    – Move pieces of furniture: it doesn’t have to be the whole house, but sometimes moving a shelf or the coffee table in another position helps me to both release on stress through move, and visualize things another way – as if, looking at a new furniture arrangement, I would also look at my thoughts re-arranged in my head.

    – Hear at my self-confidence booster message on my cell phone. I took the idea from Jonathan Roche, this post:
    My version: I told myself on the mailbox why I have worth, why I am pretty good as I am, with examples of diverse situations I have successfully managed, exactly the way I would speak to my daughter – lovingly, patiently, and firmly believing what I am saying. Hearing this message boosts my self-confidence, and this helps against anxiety.

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