shine day 21: tune-up your self-acceptance

You know what makes me feel better?

Belting out a song as if I am a rockstar.

I always thought it was just me; that I was just some total fan girl with rockstar dreams and that pretending to live my fantasy is what was giving me that boost.  I was wrong.

As it turns out, research has found that singing decreases our stress hormones and promotes a greater sense of self-worth.   Singing, it’s not just fun.  It’s body lovin’, self-acceptance good medicine.

Today:  You guessed it.  You are going to sing.  Already, you are protesting.  You are saying you have an awful voice.  Trust me, your awful voice has NOTHING on mine and, yet, I sing to my little boy every single day.  And he loves it.  I do, too.  So telling me (or especially telling yourself) that you have an awful voice isn’t going to cut.  Go put some money in that jar right now and come back to me.

Alright, we’ve moved past the whole awful voice bit and now it is time to sing.  Choose whatever song you want.  Choose whatever location you would like.  Heck, do it while you are vacuuming if that makes you feel better.  Just do it.  Belt it out like that song was written by you or for you.  And then, afterward, revel in how you feel.

1.  What song did you sing?  Why did you choose it? Where did you sing?

2.  How did it feel?

3.  Can you see using singing as a tool to boost your mood when you are in need of a pick-me-up?  If signing won’t work, will listening to music?  If so, what can your go to song be?

And a bonus:  Chibi Jeebs, an awesome Shine participant, has shared her self-esteem playlist with us.  And that reminded me that I have one rolling here, too.  Rock on!

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12 responses to “shine day 21: tune-up your self-acceptance”

  1. Chibi Jeebs

    Oh, Rosie! This one is right up my alley – I have an ever-growing list of self-esteem songs on my blog! If you’re interested, I’d be honoured if you wanted to link to it in your post. 🙂

  2. emily strickland

    I can’t wait! I’m going to belt it out all the way to work– and that’s not a short trip!

  3. Kip DeForest

    I usually listen to books in the car… today, perhaps I’ll sing?

  4. Valerie

    I sing on the way to work…driving down the highway…no one to tell me I sing off-key or too loud. Yesterday I sang Rolling in the Deep by Adelle and That’s What makes you beautiful by One Direction, among other songs. I love singing out loud in the car! I feel, in that moment, carefree.

    I always use singing to pick up my mood; it is something all my kids do too. We used to sing together in the car!

  5. LadyEm

    What a fun and effective challenge!

    I too love to sing (not terribly well!) but would always pop my ipod in and belt out some Lionel Richie whilst doing the vacuuming (poor neighbours, of course I had to sing louder to hear over the vacuum cleaner and through the headphones!!)

    In the depths of my ‘dark days’ I stopped singing. I stopped communicating on many levels really, but singing to me is an expression of joy, of being part of the world, of letting go of myself and I couldn’t do any of those then.

    As I started to feel brighter I got my voice back and now I love singing again and find myself doing it lots and when I least expect it…brushing my teeth for example singing the ditty from the toothpaste advert; messy!

    Singing like nobody’s listening is a true pleasure and always brings a smile to my face (I’m smiling now just thinking of it!)!

  6. Ann Becker-Schutte

    I’ll probably be singing “King of Anything” by Sara Bareilles (good for a self-esteem playlist, by the way), and something from Michael Franti’s “Yell Fire” album after I pick up my kiddo from school today. 🙂 I love to sing along. My partner and I were singing every song that came on the radio Saturday night at the coffee shop. Music is a key way that our family connects. The song I am most likely to belt out anywhere is “Brown-Eyed Girl.”

  7. Jamie English

    One that I really like I “Firework” by Katy Perry….love the message and the energy 🙂

  8. Susannah

    1.  What song did you sing?  Why did you choose it? Where did you sing?

    I sang ‘One day like this’ by Elbow. I only just discovered this song, and I love it. I sang it at my laptop, so I could cheat and look up the lyrics. I had to wit till mr S went outside, because my voice is awful…

    2.  How did it feel?

    It felt great, I made a lot of noise, especially at ‘It’s looking like a beautiful day’. Because it was.

    3.  Can you see using singing as a tool to boost your mood when you are in need of a pick-me-up?  If signing won’t work, will listening to music?  If so, what can your go to song be?

    I have a Happy playlist on my iPhone, for when I’m feeling a bit low. I have a few go to songs, ‘Always someone cooler than you’, when I’m a bit angry, and sometimes ‘Walking on sunshine’ can really cheer me up. And there’s a great Dutch song, called ‘Prachtig mooie dag’ , that always helps.

  9. Chibi Jeebs

    1. What song did you sing? Why did you choose it? Where did you sing?
    “I Love Myself Today” by Bif Naked.

    2. How did it feel?

    3. Can you see using singing as a tool to boost your mood when you are in need of a pick-me-up? If signing won’t work, will listening to music? If so, what can your go to song be?
    My mom said something thoughtless when I was 12 that has kept me from singing loudly enough to be heard, so I’ll only sing in the car and/or when no one is around. I am starting to care less if people *see* me singing in the car, though… 😉

  10. Jenn

    I do not sing well … & i don’t care. This was easy peasy for me. I enjoy singing no matter how i sound and i sing often. Today i sang praises to my cats and my dog – simple silly ditties. I sang along w/ Krishna Das, Michael Franti, Janis Joplin, and Paul Simon in the car. Music definitely helps me to center.

  11. Cecile

    A French song, translated:
    “I give you all of my differences,
    All these imperfections that are as many chances,
    We’ll never be standards, part of the best society,
    I give you what I have, what I am worth”

    I love singing! It definitely is part of my day-to-day life! And yes it make me feels so great!
    One of the best memories I have from my childhood were the long hours on the road to vacation – the 4 of us would sing together on any song we would know – and we definitely were not a very harmonic team, but such a happy one!

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