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  1. Trish

    I work at home, online, most of the time, and often end up wearing things that aren’t particularly flattering because I know I’m going to be sitting in front of a computer, and no one will see me. Today I decided that I would wear a top that I love, that I usually only wear when I am going somewhere dressier. It’s very soft, flattering, and in my favorite color. I found myself smiling when I would look down and see it. I am definitely going to do this more – wear “nicer” clothes that I love when it’s just me working at home. It was really lovely, and I actually felt more productive. This has really made me stop and ponder my wardrobe, and what I wear when. I am going to give more thought to this.

  2. Amanda @ Click. The Good News

    Going out to dinner last night, I decided to put on a little nicer dress than I normally would have & it improved me whole evening- I felt more confident, more like a special date night, and wanted to dress nice again today.

  3. Cecile

    On the day of this post, we went to a birthday party. I made something I quite never do: I TOOK THE TIME to try some different outfits on and choose the one I prefered. I ended up wearing clothes I love but never wear – only because they are not on the top of the pile and I don’t take much time to carefully choose usually…. I also took the time to put make-up on. Every time I walked in front of a mirror I couldn’t help but think “Hey, I look pretty good!” and this boosted my self-confidence. In the way I acted, I was totally “myself”, authentic all day long. Incredible, what these few more minutes in the morning resulted in…

  4. emily strickland

    I want to do this every day now. I feel better when I like what I’m wearing.

  5. Susan

    I’m wearing the teal tank top that shows off my eyes, and I put on my bluebird of happiness pin! thank you!

  6. Kelley

    I think this counts as dressing….but this weekend, I finally got my diamond studs repaired. It was a simple fix of one of the posts but they have been hiding in my jewelry box broken for a few years. I bought these diamonds with money from selling “unimportant” pieces of my mothers jewelry a few years after she died….so they are pretty! But they also have meaning. Anyway, I’ve had them in my ears since Saturday and I swear they make me feel sparkly all over! So that’s what I’m doing right now….I have a ring that was my late grandmothers and I am thinking of unhiding that and having it sized!:)

  7. Kate

    I had to work in a retail environment. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be cashiering or doing dishes, so I put on a simple black dress. But, for a little fun I paired my black dress with some teal Capri length teggings. Every time I caught a glimpse of my legs I had to smile! The colour just lifted me up!

  8. Kip DeForest

    Today it’s paisley for me. I actually do this a lot – try to boost my spirits or improve my day by wearing a favorite color or something comfortable but nice!

  9. Erica @ Cult Of Kale

    This is actually something I’ve been working on for awhile! I discovered how to dress to my shape and color palette which has made clothing shopping so much easier. You just feel so much better when you wear things that fit and look good on you! I haven’t worn heels in a very long time, although I keep a pair of basic black ones for just in case.

    Today I’m wearing one of my favorite floaty skirt and a pretty pink shirt. Comfy and lovely!

  10. Chibi Jeebs

    It’s a long weekend for me, so honouring my body today (since I’m not leaving the house) consists of comfy clothes. 🙂

  11. Susannah

    1.  How did you dress to honor your body today?

    I wore a skirt that flatters my waist and my legs, with a top that makes my boobs look amazing too (and a good bra, that always helps if you have an F cup like I do). So, I went full hourglass, instead of just hiding in a baggy black dress. I wore my favourite and most comfortable high heels too.

    2.  How did it make you feel to take that step?

    I felt great, and comfortable, and I liked emphasising what I have, instead of trying to hide it.

    3.  What ways can you honor your body stylistically in the future?

    I can keep on wearing these things that flatter my figure, and I can wear underwear that gives me the boost I need. I have great clothes, pretty jewellery and gorgeous shoes, and I will enjoy them, instead of keeping them for special occasions.

  12. Sarah

    One of the ways that I keep track of how much I weigh (since I don’t own a scale), is my how my clothes fit.

    I had been avoiding my favorite pair of Gap 1969 jeans until this morning … when I randomly put them on and THEY FIT decently! I thought it was awesome and so I put on my favorite bright orange Oregon State University “Go Beavs!” t-shirt and wore it with pride.

    As a teacher, I can’t emphasize all the greatest parts of me (I’ve got great tatas!) but I am proud of what I’ve got!

  13. Jackie

    I have a low cut bathing suit top that looks nice and I like but I never actually wore that I wore today. I also made a point earlier this season and got a cute swim skirt to go with it, because I was always spending the whole time at the pool with exercise shorts on to hide my thighs. I also checked out the book What you wear can change your life from the library to get some more ideas.

  14. Cindy

    I didn’t wear stretchy clothes to work. My clothes were more structured. It’s back-to-school and I need to dress nicer. I didn’t wear my regular flip- flops, either. I do need some better shoes because if my feet don’t feel good, I don’t feel good.

  15. Jenn

    I must admit today was the usual Monday madness so the first thing I found was what I wore. However, I have been trying to bring more color to my wardrobe and have been enjoying wearing bright pinks, greens and purples.

  16. Nancy Horn

    1. How did you dress to honor your body today?

    I am pretty simple and a bit of a plain jane, but today I put on a pair of earrings I was given recently as a gift.

    2. How did it make you feel to take that step?

    I felt just a little bit “fancy”. It was nice!

    3. What ways can you honor your body stylistically in the future?

    It was only a small difference, a subtle thing, but it’s in the details that change is made.

  17. LadyEm

    This is one thing that matters to me. When I’ve been in my darkest places I’ve existed in oversized sweatshirts and tracksuit bottoms; wanting to disguise my existence and not draw attention to myself. But, that’s not me. Dressing up is what I love to do. I take pride in getting dressed and know that it can lift my mood and make me feel confident.

    I’m coming out of my dark place now and make an effort to leave the tracksuit bottoms in the drawer. Even if I’m just at home, when I prefer to be comfortable, I’ll still put some nice comfortable trousers on or a comfortable dress. I’ll put a bit of bronzer and mascara on and feel dressed.

    For me, it’s about caring for myself. The time I take to consider what necklace, or put my make up on is time exclusively for me. When I leave the house I feel I have showed myself some appreciation, care and time.

    To remind me of the transition I’m going through I recently bought myself a small necklace with a butterfly hanging from it.

    The butterfly reminds me to embrace change in my body and my environment and have faith that these changes will result in something beautiful.

  18. Valerie

    Dressing to honor my body has become a work in progress. I was a stay-at-home mom for 29 years, so sweats, jeans, t-shirts, etc. were the norm. When I got my first job it was at a convenience store, so it was black pants and a black shirt…easy.

    Last January I got a job in retail, and for the first time I got to dress up, and I love it. I love honoring my body by putting on clothes that make me feel good. I have a limited budget, but I also get a discount where I work, which makes it easier to buy clothes that are stylish and affordable. In all honesty, I’ve been using Sally’s book alot to help me make choices that flatter my body. There are so many websites that have helped me, because I can go look at how a certain style fits someone shaped similar to me, or I can see an outfit that I love and then go find something similar in the store.

    I feel better about myself when I have clothes on that make me “feel good”. I am more confident and less likely to worry about what people think about me.

  19. Sally

    SUCH amazing responses! Thank you all for sharing them!

  20. Cassie Virgin

    I live in a brand new neighbourhood- they’re still building houses across the street. This morning was the first time I got to sleep in because the workers got started late…no hammering or buzz saw until about ten a.m. To celebrate, I am wearing my comfiest gardening clothes and I’m going to honour the new energy I have by getting dirty outside. Does it count if you honour your body by washing the clothing in the new washer after not having one for five years? Finally washing my clothes and not having to visit the laundry mat is just so joyous.

  21. Marissa

    I’m currently working as a nanny, and because it was a beautiful day, I decided today would be a great day to take the 9-year old I sit to the local reservoir. I am currently underweight and super self-conscious of my body, particularly in the summer ‘bare-all’ clothing season, but I found a bright and flowing sundress in my closet that I’d never worn before. I decided I’d wear my favorite bikini and this sundress to the beach with her. I spent most of my time playing in the water, but when I was out on the beach, I ignored any suspicious looks I got and focused on how good I felt in my fun polka-dot bikini, my bright sundress, and the sun hat my husband bought me because he thought I “looked absolutely adorable”. I was reminded that clothing can help elevate our moods throughout the day, even if we judge ourselves harshly when we get dressed each morning.

  22. tanya

    Being away for the wknd I was limited to whatever I`d packed.
    I packed purple booties, one of a kinds.
    I wore them to dinner and it made me feel better knowing I had cool shoes.

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