coming soon… SHINE

Coming soon….


spark your self-acceptance

a 31 day guide to embracing your authentic, beautiful self

so you can be lit from within to live your passion and purpose

and give your gifts to the world

 Are you ready to choose you, appreciate you, love you and have no idea how to start?

Have you been thinking about taking the Beautiful You: A Daily Guide to Radical Self-Acceptance journey but didn’t know if it would work for you or weren’t sure about making a year-long commitment to yourself?

Do you want supportive, encouraging company and a little reassuring guidance on your journey?  Then shine is for you.

Every day in August, there will be a daily post here at that will offer you inspiration on your self-acceptance journey and  then guidance on how to take one simple step that day towards living in self-acceptance.  Complete that day’s challenge and come back and post a comment about your experience with that challenge and you will be entered to win one of many awesome giveaway prizes.  There will be weekly giveaways and an end of the month grand finale giveaway.  Complete every day’s challenge and you will have 31 entries for the giveaway.  And there will be a few bonus entry options, too.

The inspiration behind shine is you: all of my amazing blog readers who are working on your self-acceptance journeys and using this blog as a helpful resource and for all of you who want to go on the journey but feel too alone in the process.  I couldn’t help but think what would happen if we all just shined our light together for a month.  With that inspiration, shine was created!

So mark your calendar for July 30th when shine will be more formally introduced and you can learn all about the giveaways.  Don’t want to miss a moment of shine?  Sign up to receive this blog via email (just hit that envelope icon up there to the right) or via feed (just hit that orange-colored icon up there to the right).

Can’t wait for all of our bright self-love to shine brightly!

Do you have a prize that might be a good fit for the shine giveaways?  So far we have everything from coaching sessions, books, and body oils to shoes, tees, hats, and dresses for prizes.  If you have something you want to offer as a prize, just leave me a comment here and I’ll be in touch! Thank you!

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