June’s Goal Wrap-Up, July’s Three Goals

In June, I set three goals for the month.

They were:

  1. Scratch off at least two of these activities with Happy from the Summer of Intentionality List: for example- go to a ball game, fly a kite, pick berries, and/or play mini-golf.   Mission accomplished!  Though berry picking and going to a ball game had mother nature get in the way on the days they were planned, we picnicked, we hopscotched, we mini-golfed, we read 100 different books.  It was good, good times.
  2. Read on the porch a couple times.  Mission accomplished!  And thankfully I did it before it got insufferably hot.
  3. Finish the book proposal I am currently working on so that it can be sent to possible publishers.  Mission accomplished after 6 drafts that went back and forth between me and my agent from February until now.  Hopefully, it will soon be on a publisher’s desk who just can’t wait to offer a contract.  A girl can hope, right?

Now, for July’s goals:

  1. Knock out 10 small organizing projects (i.e.: jewelry box, kitchen junk drawer, storage shelves in garage, etc).
  2. Go stand-up paddle boarding.
  3. Host the neighbors for a meal.

Did you set some goals in June?  How did they go?  What are your July goals?

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6 responses to “June’s Goal Wrap-Up, July’s Three Goals”

  1. Keepcatebusy (Cate)

    Stand-up paddle boarding??! I’m so impressed and inspired! Is his something you’ve done before? Sounds like such fun!!

  2. Cecile

    June’s goals:

    – Gardening or delegate: done. Most of the work was done, and we just begin to also harvest broccoli and zuchini.

    – Find diverse little activities that I can do while laying on the sofa: well, quite a lot! hereunder: write down memories, hear to music or a good radio program, look at the big trees balacing in the wind through my window, a little bit of abdominal work, plan New Year Eve’s menu (I’m not joking…), call friends or my parents.

    – Find inner peace by accepting that I control quite nothing in my life: well, I guess this is a long-term process but I am finally on the right way.

    Bonus: find my way to becoming more resilient: Thanks to you, I now consider being not as resilient as I want as information… Knowing that, I try to “fake it until I make it”. Of course Delight knows that I am not completely calmed down, but it is better to deal with a mom-wanting-to-calm-down than with a mom-in-volcanic-eruption. So she can use her resilience task, and through it I get the calm I need to find my inner peace again. Kind of resilience through complementarity…

    July’s goal:

    – more physical awareness, means: am I staying straight? am I sitting right? (its importance has just been reminded to me by backaches).

    – find a good balance in my daily rythm, so that I can do what needs to be done, as well as what I would enjoy, within the limit of my current physical status.

    – tackle our bedroom and tidy it up, ideally find ways to avoid cluttering it again. Let’s say: minimum 8 times 15 minutes.

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