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  1. Barrie Glenn

    You know her – my girl that rocks is Samantha. Noone knows the complexity and seriousness of the child other than those who know her background. She rocks because she has overcome learning challenges that stood in the way of so many things for her, including her hope to be accepted into a good college. She is not the girl you can tell “you can’t do this.”

    Sam is the girl who will defy all the odds and who even after two years of professional tutoring at Huntington Learning Center, faced her biggest challenge when her high school guidance counselor told her to give up any hopes of getting into the schools she wanted to go to because of her SAT / ACT scores and went so far as telling her to apply to schools who would “love students like you.” Sam ignored that comment and rocked it in class and hit a 4.3 GPA (her graduating GPA) and a 3.8 GPA her first year in college. She’s worked harder than anyone I’ve ever known and has a work ethic that others should model and learn from. All skills that she aquired at Huntington have been put to the test and put to use. Tell her she can’t do something….she will never hear you.

    Sam is the girl who will overcome it and do it.

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