9 responses to “Announcing the 2012 Summer of Intentionality”

  1. Tami -- Teacher Goes Back to School

    Thank you for posting! I will be stealing some of your items from your list for mine. I’ll be publishing more toward the start of our summer break in mid June.

    Because of my list last year, I had my best/most productive/fun summer ever. I look forward to spending my time well again this year.

  2. Yvette

    I Love the list. what I like even more is that I have already done some or I do them all the time..
    Stove Popcorn is the only popcorn ill eat 😀
    Breakfast for dinner is my fave
    and I live in the Live music capital of the world.. its also home to Peter Pan mini golf.. the best mine golf ever 😉

  3. Jamie English

    Great plan!!! I borrowed a few of your ideas…I added a couple. My list isn’t quite as long. As a family, I want us to fly kites, plant a garden (late start, but it doesn’t matter), go to the local park(s), pick something, and ride go carts. I want to make smoothie pops, stove top popcorn (haven’t done this is forever….so much yummier that way), and the perfect chocolate chip cookies (I printed a recipe from I don’t know where….it is on the fridge and has been for weeks). Just for me, I want to do yoga and scrapbooks!

  4. Julie whitted

    Rosie, did you blog or Facebook once about a family who wrote a list of fun stuff, and then another list of things that their children were going to do to earn some of those fun things? I can’t remember where I saw that.

    1. Julie whitted

      Happy summer!

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