A self-care inspired Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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One of my high school students once told me that his dad’s advice for gift giving to women was “never something with a plug.”  Depending on what the plug belongs to (a vacuum cleaner vs. an e-reader), that probably isn’t bad advice.  But, sometimes we need more advice than nothing with a plug.  So, here is where this gift guide comes in.  Are you looking for the perfect Mother’s Day (or birthday or It’s Summer!) gift for all the women in your life who you’d love to see embrace body, soul, and self love?  This lovely gift guide has plenty of options for gifts that promote self-love while exemplifying how much you love the recipient.  So shop on and maybe even put a thing or two in the basket for you!

Gifts for $25 and under

An Appreciation Jar ideal for anyone on a limited budget, this inexpensive gift is powerful.  Find a Mason-type jar.  Write characteristics you love about the person on bright paper and then fold them into small offerings.  Fill the Mason jar with those offerings and seal it with a bright, decorative ribbon.    Less than $10  

Beautiful You  As the author of Beautiful You: A Daily Guide to Radical Self-Acceptance, I am biased, but readers have enthusiastically purchased this book as a guide for their self-acceptance journeys and for the women, anywhere from 20 to 60, in their lives.  One reviewer wrote, “Molinary has done a fabulous job of offering practical and doable advice to help women see — and appreciate — themselves in a whole new way, and to realize that a healthy body image is about so much more than what we think we see in the mirror.”  Under $17

Bath Scrub  There’s nothing quite as invigorating as a bath scrub used in a hot  shower or bath.  You can make your own Ginger sugar scrub by following this recipe from Amber Karnes at My Aim is True or pick up a jar of Trader Joe’s Lavender scrub.   Under $20

Kiva Loan  Celebrate a special friend or loved one by giving her the opportunity to support another woman in her life.  Kiva loans  are micro-loans, given in $25 increments, to support entrepreneurs around the world.  You can purchase a gift certificate for your loved one to select where she’d like her loan to go.  The best part?  Entrepreneurs repay their loans and you can continue to give that same investment out over and over again if you would like $25

Gifts for $50 and under

Be Bold Sign  Send a powerful message to a loved one by encouraging her to be everything she is- from bold to  loving with this white block lettered on black backdrop sign.  Under $40

Yoga  Another wonderful way to promote wellbeing and reduce stress in your loved one’s life is with a gift certificate for an individual yoga session or a group of classes at her local studio.     Prices vary

Gifts for $100 and under

Massage  Treat your loved one to the joy and release of a massage.  A massage gift certificate will reduce stress, increase wellbeing, while making the recipient feel incredibly nurtured.   Prices vary

Find Your Beautiful Print   Pick up a Find Your Beautiful Print by Cindy Wunsch, a Nashville-based artist.  These powerful, whimsical prints simply state, “Find Your Beautiful”, reminding admirers that they can see beauty the way they chose to and not the way the world hands it to them.  Prices vary

Gifts for $150 and under

Fearlessness Necklace Sometimes a signature piece of jewelry can really empower us.  For years, I relished the sterling silver Fearlessness necklace I purchased to support the Joyful Heart Foundation whose mission is to heal, educate and empower survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence and child abuse and to shed light into the darkness that surrounds these issues.  I bought this necklace two different times and ultimately “paid” it forward when a couple people in my life needed its message to help them in their journey forward.  This necklace is a powerful yet simple reminder that we have what we need and are enough just as we are.  $135

A Karina Dress.  With a tagline for “dresses for ‘every-body’”, Karina creates dresses that look great on women of all shapes, sizes, ages, and body styles (their models are proof!)- allowing you to be both stylish and self-accepting and keeping you from having to compromise on either.  Karina Dresses are made of limited edition fabrics, making each dress a virtual one of a kind garment, and they are machine washable and don’t need ironing.  The dresses are made in Brooklyn by seamstresses who receive a living wage.  What more can you ask for?  Well, a discount code– which the good folks at Karina Dresses have graciously provided for my blog readers.  The code (MOLR30) will provide $30 off any full-priced dress.


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