Having Visions of 2012 Part 2

I am so happy to share some more vision boards with you today to offer you inspiration as you put together your own– and also just to make your heart happy and eyes dance, even if you aren’t planning on making a vision board this year.

Mary Kathryn's vision board

Claire's Vision Board

Kris's Vision Board

Emily's vision board

Lora's vision board

Ouida's vision board

Dana's vision board

Anna's vision board

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One response to “Having Visions of 2012 Part 2”

  1. Stephanie mauvlyn braun

    I made a vision board In Kelly finleys class for a final and it has been hanging on my bedroom wall for three years! I am still working on a lot of the goals on the vision board and seeing it all the time is a great reminder for me. I’m about to order your books online because I always meant to but never did. Saw u in the paper a while back and your article was phenomenal. I admire u greatly and u r an inspiration to me! Hope u r doing well 🙂

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