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For the last few years, I’ve started each year the same way: with a vision board and an intention that is summarily described in one word.  In 2010, my vision board looked like this:

In this board, I really focused on parenting, taking time to relax, making art, and doing work that really matters to me. And in terms of the visions I had, I did accomplish some of them.  I did parent with intention and really got on a track to better health (ironically until my dad’s health crisis threw everything for a loop because I was out of town for weeks at a time and in a hospital all day long everyday).  I had a more relaxed year in that I didn’t force myself to work in every free second that I had, but I didn’t make time for art which is something I really love as a dabbler.

My word for 2010 was:  WELLNESS.  That first year of parenting had been so debilitating in some ways (yes, it had also been thrilling and life-affirming but it was definitely debilitating).  As you might remember, Happy was waking up between 15-20 times a night and we were just in the trenches, all of the time.  When that year ended, I almost didn’t recognize the tired, weary girl that I was and so I wanted to really get back to me in 2010 which is why I chose wellness as my intention for the year.  For the most part, until- as I noted above- my dad fell so ill, I really succeeded at being healthier and more wellness minded in that year.  That intention was just right for me and restorative.

In 2011, my vision board looked looked like this:

Overall, the messages from this year’s vision board really concentrated on being healthy, mindful, energetic, empowered, authentic, happy, passionate, and daring.  I just couldn’t resist words like breathing space, connect, and phrases like true calling, find your motivation, mindfulness is about living your life as if it really mattered, own your happiness, take flight, be merry. be bright. be colorful.

The photographs conveyed my desire for some leisure time, some time to make art, raising a spunky and happy little guy who is appropriately filled up, nurturing our family, and being outdoors.  In many ways, those things were accomplished.  In other ways, they were not.  I’ll talk more about that in a post just after New Year’s when I debut my vision boards for 2012 (yes, there are 2).

My for this year was: EXPANSIVENESS.  And though I had an expansive year, I would be remiss to say that all of that expansiveness was aligned with my original intention.  Again, I’ll talk more about that in that future post.

I bring up the vision boards and words for the year now because it is that time again– time to start thinking about what our visions are for ourselves and time to begin piecing those visions together.

Why do I recommend vision boards and words for the year, anyway?  Because claiming what you’d like to see in your life is the first step in realizing that vision.   Creating a vision board and placing it somewhere where you will regularly see it ignites your subconscious, steering you in the direction of your desires.  Finding a guiding word for the year serves as an invaluable touchstone when you are trying to figure out what the next right move is for you.  Don’t you want to have that kind of conscious and subconscious synergy going on in your life?  Try it once and I think you’ll be compelled to have these small pieces of motivation as yearly inspiration.  Take my dare once.  I don’t think you’ll regret it.  And if you do it, all you’ve lost are some magazine pages and a little bit of time being creative.  The potential reward is certainly worth that risk, right?

So, starting today, I want to encourage you to begin pulling images and words from your magazines and newspapers to create your own vision board for 2012.  I also want you to start thinking about a word to really center your intention on for 2012.  In the coming weeks, gather those images, jot down words and begin to piece it all together.  In the new year, I’ll be asking you to share your vision boards with me so I can share them here for inspiration.  We’ll also do another round up of words for the year as those are always so inspiring.  So, start thinking and cutting, there shouldn’t just be visions of sugar plums in your head this time of year.

And if you would love to have some guidance and company as you create your vision for 2012, consider participating in visionSPARK 2012- a workshop that I am offering in the greater Charlotte, NC area where participants will create their vision boards and go home with their intentions artistically captured.     If there is anything I know to be true, it is that intention matters.

Planning your 2012 vision board?  What images, messages do you want to capture for it?  And what words are you auditioning for your 2012 word for the year?


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