Get coached!

Are you ready to live out loud?  If so, then I want you to meet someone.  My friend, Amanda, to be exact.


Amanda is a life coach.  She helps people who feel stuck in ill-fitting jobs/situations/lives uncover what they really want to say with their lives.  Then she works with them to continue saying it.  Amanda will help you live your statement.  And isn’t that what we all ultimately want?  To live our truth out loud?  In November, Amanda has committed to giving 30 Standout Sessions in 30 Days.  A standout session is basically the first step into coaching.  And Amanda’s giving away 30 of these sessions for free for anyone who has wondered about coaching, if it’s right for him or her, or who just wants to get a little personal jump start into living out loud.  During the sample session, you’ll do an exercise and get some coaching around what it brings up, walk away with a moment (or several) of clarity, and learn more about coaching.  If you’ve ever been curious about coaching, here’s your chance to take a taste.
To learn more about coaching and what it can do for your life, visit Amanda’s site at  You can book a Standout Session (remember, it’s FREE) on her homepage through ScheduleThing OR email her directly at amanda at
Go do it now!  This might be just the thing you’ve been waiting for in your life!
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