Body Warrior Giveaway!

Thank you to everyone who signed the Body Warrior Pledge and embraced the idea of caring for themselves fully while also moving out of their own way.  Choosing to really embrace your power and possibility changes everything.  I hope that you are feeling emboldened by the pledge and that you are finding yourself making strides towards living a more harmonious inner-life so that you can offer your most authentic self to the world.  While every single person is a winner, there were some lucky prize recipients from the drawing, and I am happy to make that announcement right now.

The coaching winner is Chris E.

The books, journals, and t-shirt winners are Melissah, Karen A., Katie B., Isabel, Linnet, Alison H., Deborah L., Bonnie, Kimberly J., Trish P., Susan K., Romy, Ann B-S, Rosemary, and Kari.

Everyone should have an email from me about her prize.  If not, let me know!

Finally, I have a really cool offer to share with EVERYONE interested in coaching- whether or not you won a prize or even originally signed the Body Warrior Pledge.  Amanda Page, the coach who offered the grand prize, is doing a really cool project in November where she is doing 30 starter sessions (a free 30 minute session with her where you do an exercise to get some clarity and get some preliminary coaching) in 30 days to introduce people to coaching.  If you want to be one  of the 30 people who gets a starter session, email her at and let her know that you found out about her 30 in 30 from me and that you’d like to do a starter session.  I did one with her last week, and it was great.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Body Warrior Pledge.  Let’s live it every day.

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  1. PJ

    pouty face!! I really had my hopes pinned on a copy of Beautiful You!! (tee hee) Very lucky winners – and such a wonderful project. I really like the term Body Warrior. It’s very empowering 🙂

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