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It is back to school time for me (this Monday, the 22nd, I’ll be beginning my first class at 8 am which be followed by class #2 at 9:30 and class 3 at 11 am.  I am fairly certain that I won’t even be able to speak my name come 12:15 pm) and the complicating elements of my life also reveal that there is an approaching 3rd birthday to be celebrated for the littlest kid and a vacation from which to wind down (also for the littlest kid whose Sensory Processing Disorder makes returning home to routines after more than 36-48 hours of being away especially hard- on all of us).  So, I’m in a bit of a productivity and process boot camp this week.   What does this all mean to you?  That I am going random bits with the blog today because bits are all that my brain cells can spit out at the moment. 

Bit #1  As I was driving us home from the beach the other day, BF told Happy that we would soon be stopping for gas.  There was a certain gas station BF wanted me to go to and so I passed a gas station in between BF telling Happy that we were going to one and our arrival at the gas station of BF’s choice.  What was Happy’s take on this?  “Mommy, you passed gas!”  He screamed.  Which was pretty funny.  The funnier part? I was on the phone when he distinctly screamed that.  We’re keeping it classy here, folks. 

Bit #2  We’re starting potty training in earnest.  Does anyone want to come do it for me?  No?  Are you sure?  Seriously?  I’ll treat you to a home cooked meal every night?  Still no?  Okay, well, why don’t you give me your best advice for painlessly getting it done.  Seriously.  What worked for you and yours in potty training?   

Bit # 3 Speaking of potty training, at our house one of the things that always has to be a consideration for BF and I when we make a Happy-related decision is whether or not we’re okay with this way of doing things ALWAYS being the way we do things.  For example, a few weeks ago, Happy received a gift that included a Little People sized Manny doll (Happy doesn’t watch TV other than Jeopardy so I”m not sure I know the whole association but I think Manny is from a cartoon).  Anyway, Happy asked me if Manny could take a nap with him.  Sure, I said.  And, now, Manny has slept with him for every nap and night night since.  So, see, we have to be certain that any spur of the moment decision we make is not just good for that moment. It has to be good for days, weeks, months to come.  Hence, Happy has 13 animals in his crib because new ones get added and nothing ever leaves (we’re like Hotel California that way).  Anyway, this is a potty training story so let me get back to it.  When we got Happy his potty, we made a big production of rolling it out for him (I am not sure that the Model T was rolled out with as much fanfare).  In order to get Happy to sit on it (as he was skeptical), I put it next to the real potty in his bathroom and told him that we could go at the same time.  You know how this goes now, don’t you?  I won’t even carry on.  Suffice to say, big mistake.  Huge. 

Bit # 4 In terms of Summer of Intentionality, we’ve crossed a few more things off our list!  We have flown a kite.  I’ve figured out what is going in the fall garden (broccoli, lettuce, spinach, carrots, and maybe a small effort at brussel sprouts).  I’ve taken 8 Pilates classes.  We’ve gone to a matinee.   So, a smidge more crossed off the list which always makes me happy.  How is your summer of intentionality going?

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