What do you embrace about yourself right now?

Another question from the Twitter paty was What do you embrace about yourself right now?  Here’s an inspiring round-up of responses to get you thinking.  And then, it is your turn to join in.  What do you embrace about yourself right now? 

@CarleneFutureRD  Embracing the ‘good enough’ factor. Everything doesn’t need to be perfect all the time- save time for enjoying life. 

@AmberKarnes  I am learning to embrace my body’s limitations (shoulder tightness, ankle injuries) instead of fighting them.

@MichelleIcard  My voice. I’ve just started podcasting and I dig how I sound.

@iilusionofchaos  My stubbornness! Even though it gets me in trouble sometime, it’s gotten me through a lot of tough stuff.

@artemisretreats  My heart. My soul. My hands. My eyes.

@AmberKarnes  Also embracing that my body might not ever look like what others (and sometimes I) think it should and that’s okay.

@NotaSkinnyVegan  My willingness to adapt to change. Nearing 46 years old I’m learning that I will change. Period.  I embrace it.

@PinkCrowStudio  The courage to leave my old life, 1 that wasn’t working 4 me & start fresh. Scary but exciting to build a new you.

@the_beheld  My instincts, which rarely lead me astray.

@AmberKarnes  New interests and new friends 

@EdenDiBianco  I embrace that I’m busy bc I’m successful & talented, and that making others feel beautiful is fulfilling!

@lpsness I’m embracing my spotted back (back acne) and my cellulite on my big thighs.

@tarheelmom  all of me

@FlickVan  my ability to try and improve while trying new things. Not telling myself I can’t do something.

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