Summer of Intentionality Update

On Monday, I wrote out my lesson plan for the first day of my body image classes this fall.  If anything tells me that summer is drawing to a close, it’s lesson planning.  And though my school year starts back on August 22nd, I’m going with summer’s end as Labor Day.  So, with that in mind, here is where things stand with my summer of intentionality list.

The original list:  Fly a kite. Take a yoga class at least 8 times.  Take a Pilates class at least 8 times. Go to a farm and pick strawberries. Have a yard sale. Go to a matinee. Grow a great garden. Eat better lunches. Nap in the hammock. Enjoy the flowers.  Set up the sprinkler for Happy to run through.  Read on the porch. Set up the perfect back porch space. Clean out two rooms at my parents’ house. Create 3 works of art.  Roast a chicken. Go bike riding. Relearn how to change my bike tire. Take 3 videos of Happy. Don’t work on the weekends.

What’s been done:  Pick strawberries.  Set up the sprinkler for Happy.     

What’s mostly done:  Take a Pilates class at least 8 times.  Think I’ll hit 8 this week, actually.  Eat better lunches.  Doing a much better job with this.  I count this as mostly done since it’s an all summer priority.  Read on the porch.  I’ve done this some but not nearly as much as I’d like  because of the heat.  Hopefully, late August will yield some breathable nights for this!  Set up the back porch space.  We did this this past weekend and I’m wild about our porch furniture.  Now, I just need to get someone with a green thumb to help me jazz up some big pots and we’re set.  Take 3 videos of Happy.  2 down, 1 to go.  Don’t work on the weekends.  Still enough weekends ahead of us to keep this on the list.         

What is still likely to happen:  Fly a kite (I just have to figure out where I put the kite I bought!).  Go to a matinee (I’m taking Happy to his first movie at the theatre this week).  Grow a great garden.  Well, I missed out on the summer garden but my goal is to plant fall veggies in August.  Have you done this? If so, what do you recommend?  Nap in the Hammock.  So, during the second tree fall, it smashed my hammock stand so I was thinking that this one may not be getting done at all but BF finagled that hammock stand back together yesterday so there’s hope yet if the temperature just falls to a less insufferable degree!  Enjoy the flowers.  I’ve really enjoyed the flowers in beds around town (there are giant sunflowers right around the corner from us that I am loving right now), but what I haven’t done is splurged for an amazing farmer’s market bouquet.  Think I need to do that before I can officially cross enjoy the flowers off my list!  Create 3 works of art.  I totally forgot about this one but would love to get up in the attic and bring my supplies down to the sugar shack.  Hopefully, this reminder will make it happen!  Roast a chicken.  I’m thinking this would be fun for Happy’s birthday. Go bike riding (ha, see Monday’s blog post).   

What may not get done and why:  Take a yoga class 8 times.  My favorite style of yoga just isn’t offered at enough times that work with my schedule.  So it’s not looking good for checking 8 sessions by Labor Day.  Have a yard sale.  We originally planned a yard sale for a Saturday in June and then everything came crashing down at our house so it was put off.  That said, I’ve done so much sorting and clearing of stuff in anticipation of the yard sale- which was my real motivation- that if everything just goes to Goodwill, I’ll count that as a win.  Clean out two rooms at my parents’ house.  Every time I arrive at my parents’ with this on my mind, my mom puts me off.  This may never get done!  Relearn how to change my bike tire.


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