Guess who made an appearance on Moving Day?

So, Sunday was moving day (into the Sugar Shack that is).  Isn’t it just the cutest?  BF really went above and beyond my expectations. 

Anyway, just as we wrapped up our lunch and BF was starting to carry things out from my current office to SS, we discovered we had a visitor ON OUR FRONT PORCH.

Do you see him?

How about now?

Anyway, after gawking for a bit, we got on with our afternoon chores and plans for moving day.  A little while later, BF went to check out the jasmine on the front porch column again.  Black rat snake was missing.  We didn’t think much of it. 

So, imagine my surprise when as I begin to walk out of SS a couple hours later to go get more stuff and find Black Rat Snake starting at me.  From a short distance.  I did what every woman (except Carly) would do and called my snake fearing husband (who was outside of the shack at the time) to help me.  And he did what every snake fearing husband with a sense of humor would do.  He stayed far, far away but picked up my camera sitting out in the yard and started snapping pictures of my predicament. 



He eventually relocated in the woods behind our house but, seriously, I’m not sure that I like that he knows my new address.

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6 responses to “Guess who made an appearance on Moving Day?”

  1. PJ

    Oh yuck!!! I hate snakes!!! ick!!!

  2. Robyn (Gabbard) Brand

    HA! that is hysterical !!! When we were in San Antonio, and I was 38 weeks pregnant with my husband out of town, my dog found a baby rattlesnake in the yard. There I am, about to pop, with a hatchet, swingly wildly at this poor little baby! I hate snakes, too.

  3. Isha

    I think the snake needs a promotion to be your chief marketing officer. He’s doubling your blog hits on an annual basis! 😉

  4. Shaw

    They say you catch more flies with honey than vinegar… I guess you catch more snakes with sugar(shacks)??? Welcome to your new office-abode! I’m sure in some culture the snake’s visit would be considered a blessing 🙂

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