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the great pitched roof of the Sugar Shack

Oh, the irony.  Happy and I were shopping the other day when I let him pick his bubble bath.  He got some Toy Story bubble bath for Christmas, and I thought for sure he’d be grabbing the Toy Story bottle.  Instead, he went pink. Yep, he grabbed the Princess bubble bath, and I happily put it in the cart.  But, even as I dropped that bubble bath in the cart, I couldn’t help but be struck by how this story might have played out differently.  If it was my (non-existent) daughter grabbing that pink Princess bubble bath, I would have insisted on Option #2.  So interesting. 

Happy has taken to saying, “How you doin’?” to people as if he’s Joey on Friends.  It totally cracks me up.

The Sugar Shack is coming along.  It has a roof now and BF has been putting up the siding.  Hopefully, the siding will get done today.  Then, we’ll tackle electricity (not sure why I say we as I will have nothing to do with installing the electricity) on Monday, I think.  After that, we’ll do siding, put up the interior walls, and then paint.  So, I am hoping to move in around May 15th.  I haven’t shared that target date with BF which I probably need to do but a girl can hope.

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  1. Heather Kelly

    Elle normally wears cloth diapers but when we travel we use disposable. I always buy the pirates, never the princesses 😉

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