Random Bits

So, some bits for you…

1.  For months, Happy has been talking about Fuffin whenever we bring up preschool.  Who the heck is Fuffin, we wondered.  We looked at the class roster.  No Fuffins, Puffins, Ruffins, nothing close to Fuffin at all.  Maybe he has an imaginary friend at school, ireasoned, although the thought of Happy needing an imaginary friend at school- where there are plenty of friends already- made me a bit sad.  BF had a far greater fear that Fuffin was really Happy trying to say something else.  On that note, I’ll just say that if Happy was saying that, it would be BF that taught him that and not me (I kid, I kid- neither of us have been teaching that word around here).  Anyway, last week, I took Happy to school and when we looked in his classroom window, he screamed, “FUFFIN!”  As it turns out, Fuffin is Jonathan.  Naturally.

2.  There is a new stuffed critter in Happy’s life (see above).  Our neighbor’s sweet mom who lives in Georgia, who has been so kind and generous to us and Happy, gave it to him for Christmas and he is the it creature in Happy’s life.  For a few days, I called him Monster while Happy called him Rabbit.   But the name quickly changed to Big Guy.  Not sure where Big Guy came from, but I love seeing a little kid express his (or her) imagination and creativity through naming things. 

3.  Things Happy is loving these days:  coloring (a side note: I’ve tried painting with him and he just tries to eat the paint so I think I’ll wait a little longer to reintroduce that), drawing on a chalkboard (lots of circles and lines he is very proud of these days), reading books, playing basketball on his little hoop outside (wish the weather would cooperate more for that), building towers with those bigger sized Legos, playing with this Counting Bears set that I never would have guessed would have been money so well spent but he loves these bears and we can play with just that for 45 minutes at a time, and watching some Woody (Toy Story 1) or Fishy (Finding Nemo).

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  1. Jillian

    How is he that big?! Wow! Such a cutie!

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