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Usually, I am not the traditional New Year’s resolver.  Too often, New Year’s Resolutions are about saying no to yourself, and because I like to actually flip that sentiment in life and, instead, focus on saying yes to the things that allow me to be my best self, I haven’t always made room for resolutions.  This year, I am focusing a bit more on resolutions because I am so close to the life that I want and I feel like a few tweaks- those small adjustments again- here and there will get me there.  I am also embracing those small tweaks in the spirit of Beautiful You: A Daily Guide to Radical Self-Acceptance. When I wrote the book, I scoured my own experiences and the experiences of others to come up with an action plan towards self-acceptance.  I’ve done a lot of the Beautiful You journey but not all of it and I certainly haven’t done it in the vein of the Beautiful You blueprint.  This year, I will, taking on BY daily to maximize my ability to access the life of my imagining, and I want to invite you to join me.  Periodically on the blog, I’ll share my aha! moments and thoughts from the Beautiful You journey and I’ll hope you do the same.  We could all use more self-acceptance, and embracing self-acceptance is just the type of resolution I can get on board with– one that expands rather than limits, celebrates rather than punishes, gives rather than denies.  I hope you’ll join me! 

Also, if the Beautiful You journey is really resonating with or if it feels like you could use an intensive day of being in the BY world, I hope you’ll consider joining me for the Beautiful You workshop and retreat on February 26 in Statesville, North Carolina.  Here is the information you need to sign up:

beautiful you. the workshop is a one-day self-awareness and empowerment retreat based on Beautiful You: A Daily Guide to Radical Self-Acceptance.  Led by Rosie Molinary, participants will use writing exercises, guided discussion in small groups, quiet reflection, gentle movement like stretching and meditative walking, and art to create an action plan for how to care for, champion, and treat their whole selves well.

With a focus on authentic living, the core activities of the day give participants practical and inspirational tools (like journaling and creating vision boards) to fully live lives of their own choosing.  Participants will also be introduced to principles they can use in guiding their focus and leading their attention away from their physical self.  In addition to individual, small group, and large group exercises, participants will enjoy a tranquil setting at the Starrette Farm, a beautiful private 50 acre homestead of rolling woodland and walking trails just 5 minutes off the I-40 and I-77 intersection in Statesville, NC.  Morning goodies, lunch, and afternoon snacks will be provided by Nikki Moore, the owner of Food Love. 

beautiful you. the workshop is a  practical and inspirational day that provides women of all ages support and motivation in a safe, non-judgmental, inspirational environment for championing their own emotional and physical well-being in order to move forward in discovering and living the lives they were meant to live. Space is limited to 20 participants. 

 February 26, 2011  *  9 am until 5:30 pm  *  Statesville, North Carolina

 Early bird registration is $100.00 (includes lunch and snacks). Registration goes up to $125 from January 1 to February 1 and to $150 after February 1. 

 To register, please complete a registration form and mail it along with your check to Rosie Molinary, PO Box 695, Davidson, NC 28036.  Checks will not be deposited until after Feb. 1.  Prior to the retreat, you will receive a letter via email with updated information on the retreat and directions to the farm.

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