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So, today we were in the local coffeshop visiting with some friends that Happy just adores so there was a lot of love going on.  When it was time to leave, I started for the door, and Happy held back.  When I turned to see what was distracting him, I found Happy visiting every table in the coffee shop, giving every patron a Merry Christmas hug.  Even the two businessmen with power suits who seemed to be conducting very serious business.  Good for them for taking time out for the two year old.  That was pretty sweet.   

The bossiness, as it turns out, has no limits.  The other day I was laughing about something and Happy looked at me and said, very seriously, “That’s not funny.” 

The bossiness also extends to poor Lola.  Yesterday, I gave Happy his snack in a bowl, and I heard him say, “Eat it, Lola.”  Today, when Happy spilled spice cookies on the floor, which is fair game as far as Lola (and Mama who has to do the cleaning) is concerned, he blocked the cookies and said, “No eat, Lola.  No eat.”  Which one is it, little dude?  And, let me tell you, the no eat is going to get you nowhere with the dog.

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