The Kids are Alright Part 2

The semester is drawing to a close.  This semester’s class has been really special; they have been earnest in their sharing, forthright about their challenges, thoughtful and funny.  Every semester, the final assignment is a process paper where my students share their thoughts about their journey through this indepth look at body image.  Last year, I shared some end of semester wisdom from my body image students.   This year, I decided to do it again- because they are wise, my students, and they are inspiring.  And sometimes, we all need these reminders. So, here, in no particular order, a round up of body image wisdom from a few of my students’ final papers:

Sarah wrote, “The thing that I became surer of within the semester is that beauty is all internal… I learned that when people understand what true beauty is, they thrive and are able to slice up all the lies the world tells them about appearance.”   

Sheila wrote “The unit on media influence really struck a chord with me. Airbrushing in the magazines is no secret. I knew of this practice long before we discussed it in class. I did come to the realization that I constantly compare myself to these images of beauty the media puts out. I compare my oily, bumpy skin to Beyonce’s clear skin. I compare my rather shapeless backside to Kim Kardashian’s rear. I compare my pudgy midsection to Scarlett Johansen’s flat tummy. The questions I have learned to ask myself are: “Who decides that these things are beautiful?” and “Why should I trust someone else’s opinion of beauty over my own?” The fact of the matter is we all come in different shapes and sizes, and beauty is whatever you want it to be.”

Mia wrote, “I know now that beauty is defined by being comfortable with yourself, not only with your appearance, but with everything that makes you who you are.”

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