Random Bits

 Bit # 1  So, one of Happy’s best buds is his cousin Uh-oh. 

Uh-oh and Happy doing their cousin thing. 

We call her Uh-oh because she’s not afraid to bring the pain when someone tees her off (can you tell that my family has a tendency to nickname you exactly what you are? We’re original like that.).  And the funny thing about Uh-oh is that right before she brings the pain, she screams, “Uh-Oh.”  That’s our girl.  She’s militant, but she warns you.   Uh-oh is three although she insists that she is five.  She wants to be five because then she will be a year older than her brother who is not nicknamed Sweet but should be because that’s what he is: a sweet, gentle kid.  Uh-oh wants to take karate.  My sister won’t let her because Sweet doesn’t want to take karate and my sister feels like Uh-oh needs no more advantages over her brother. 

Anyway, my sister told Uh-oh to be nice to her brother yesterday which the two of them were negotiating (or not) over trains.  Uh-oh looked at her brother, shook her little head, and said, “I don’t like you.  I don’t like mommy.  I don’t like your trains.  I just like Happy because he’s my cousin and my friend.”  Now, Happy was hundreds of mile away at the time, but Uh-oh still had him on her mind.

Bit # 2  As you know, Happy takes his nap in a pack and play.  And we live in a tiny little, very old cottage.  When we put Happy down for his nap, this is what can be heard (and felt) from his room: 

“Watch this.  Watch this.  Watch this.” 

And then a huge crash that shakes the whole house.  Then “I’m sorry.  I’m sorry.”  Followed quickly by, “Watch this.  Watch this.  Watch this.”  Repeat.

We were pretty sure we knew what was happening but BF peered through the keyhole into Happy’s bedroom (which is right at pack and play height) the other day to confirm. 

Happy stands in his pack and play, says Watch This to himself, and then body slams himself down onto the floor of the pack and play and then says he is sorry (to himself) before starting all over again. 

This one?  He’s something else.

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  1. Yvette

    ok I love that Happy and Uh-oh are more than just cousins but friends too.. My cousins were my 1st best friends.. we have a shorthand now that must make ppl think we share a brain..lol 😉

    For the love of all that is holy can we get a nanny cam in that room at nap time.. plzzzzz!!!! 😀

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