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# 1 Note to self: never post about Happy’s sleep progress again on the blog.  It will doom you.  Last Thursday night, after I posted about Happy’s sleep progress, he proceed to stay up from 8 pm until 5 am.  We all got two hours of sleep that night.   Happy is clearly briliant, knows how to operate my computer and read, read the blog and decided to thwart us.  How do I know he wanted to thwart us?  Well, because on our flight home from Ethiopia, when we were trapped in the Dubai airport for a lifetime (it took us 43 hours to get home.  It should have taken 20), Happy looked at BF and said, “I will thwart you.”  Yes, Happy was just five months old.  Yes, we were delusional by then.  But BF looked at me so earnestly and said, “did he just say I will thwart you?”  Now we know for sure.

#2  This does not count as posting about Happy’s sleep progress.  This is about sleep habits.  And it’s funny.  Look at these two shots of the kid sleeping in the last week.  Seriously, how did the bear get perfectly placed between his legs and is it really all that comfortable to sleep with your legs sticking out the crib (he does this a lot although there are a couple more feet of room in his crib)?


# 3 A funny thing Happy does when he is concentrating or deep in thought: he sticks his tongue out. 

#4  I am blogging for Lake Norman Magazine now. I write the monthly health features in the magazine and was just asked to contribue to their blogs so there I am, if you are interested.

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