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On Hijas launch day, a shot of a local bookstore's stock.

# I find it both comic and apropos that I woke up the day before Beautiful You launched with a zit.  Love how the universe gets it right every time.  I also find it both comic and apropos that I decided to get a manicure for the launch of Beautiful You (as a little treat), though I haven’t had one since my wedding because I am so hard on my hands that they really are a waste of money, and- guess what- I ruined a nail five minutes after leaving the salon.

#2 Someone asked how I spent the launch day for BY.  Oh, what a difference a kid makes.  For the launch of Hijas, I got up, got ready in some new book tour outfit that was carefully selected and headed out to local bookstores to sign their stock of Hijas.  On the day of BY’s launch, I read books to Happy in lieu of doing my hair, drove the preschooler to school, picked the preschooler back up an hour later and took him to his sleep doctor to talk about his great progress, squeezed in another doctor’s appointment for the preschooler’s cough (which actually turned out to be an ear infection, go figure), fed the preschooler lunch, and then did a little work at my computer while he napped before we galavanted around inside and out.  Writers’ lives.  So thrilling.  Stephen King’s book, On Writing, is so good, and he said something along the lines of it is not the writing that should be central in your life, it’s the living.  I love that.

#3 A few weeks, Saint Frances lost his head after Happy put him WAY TOO FORCIBLY night-night.  Superglue saved the day for a few weeks but, alas, Happy had another forceful night-night session for the Saint the other day and he’s no longer guarding the oak tree in our side yard.  The metal goat has also lost an ear and a horn on one side.  Happy is now working on the other side.

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