Random Bits

Bit 1: Years ago, my boss had an unlikely reputation.  She was the motherboard destroyer.  You see, computers have something called a motherboard inside of them.  I think the motherboard is basically the boss of the computer (and hence why it was named the MOTHERboard).  Anyway, she, in very short order, went through something like five motherboards.  It seems that every motherboard she got, one after another, was a lemon.  I mean, what are the odds?  Finally, we started teasing her that there must be something she emitted that made weaker motherboards cower.  Her motherboards needed to be magnificently constructed to withstand her power. 

Well, it seems I am to phones and cameras what my boss was to motherboards.  Seriously, I just can’t have anything nice.   No, I haven’t done anything to my camera for now.  But I am about to go on my third friggin’ phone for the year.  There has been water damage in the past.  Once I had a  little Solo cup of water and somehow my phone fell perfectly in the cup.  Another time, the phone met a toilet (we’re not talking about that, okay?).  This time, Happy and I were at the park and I put my diaper bag down and he dropped his milk cup in there and I heard glass shatter.  Glass?  Looked in the bag and the screen of my phone was like a windshield, post flying rock.  Seriously, what are the odds?  A friend said to me that I am evidently the person who ALWAYS needs to buy insurance on her phones and cameras and I believe she is right, even though the idea of it just wears me out.

Bit 2: It took three weeks but, finally, Happy sat through his entire lunch period at school this week.  Go Happy. 

Bit 3: And from the “I am a better mother than what it seems” file, the other day, Happy and I were at the park (a different park experience.) and I got a glass bottled Coke at the little coffee shop right by the park.  Because, seriously, what’s better than a glass bottled Coke?  Hmm, maybe a cupcake but there were no cupcakes at the coffee house (and I’m not a coffee drinker).  Anyway, I finished my Coke and had the bottle when Happy came up looking for a drink.  His milk was done, and I offered him water from my water bottle but the mouth of the bottle was too big for him.  The Coke bottle, however, was much smaller.  So I rinsed out the bottle and poured water in there for him.  He, of course, loved it because the bottle was the perfect size for his hangs.  The other parents who walked by us?  Not so much.  I wanted to shout, “it’s just water” but I figured that she who defends herself too much just looks guilty.

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