Wanna be a Guerrilla Gifter?

So, I’ve been thinking about how to get Beautiful You into the hands of someone (or a few someones) who might not have otherwise come across it and I had this idea:

Guerrilla Gifting. 

What is Guerrilla Gifting?  Well, it’s when I send a book out to a willing Guerrilla Gifter and said Guerilla Gifter places that book in a surprising place for some unsuspecting person to come across as she goes on with her life.  Perhaps the book is placed on a table at the local coffee house, on the counter at the salon, in the bathroom of a fun restaurant, in the frozen food freezer at the grocery. 

Want to be a Guerrilla Gifter?  If so, just let me know where you live as a comment sometime between now and Friday, October 1st at noon EST.  I’ll put all Guerrilla Gifter wannabes in a bag, have Happy draw 5 names (insuring that we have 5 separate locations for it) and then send a book to each one of you.  

Then, it’s all on you. 

Here are the instructions for the Guerrilla Gifters:

When you receive the copy of BY, take a picture of you with the book.

Within 3 days of receiving the Guerrilla copy of BY, place it in your selected location and take a photo of it there.  Note:  your Guerrilla copy will have a post-it note on the outside that says, Found this book?  Turn to page X.  Then, at that page, the unsuspecting person will find a note explaining to her that this book was left in hopes that she’d come across it and ask her to email me to share her Guerrilla Gift story (and a photo).

If it is possible, feel free to hang out at your Guerilla Gift location to see if you can snap a picture of it being found.  No worries if you can’t, but if you can, send that photo, too, with your own photo with the book. 

Send any photos and a brief write-up on where you left the book and why you choose that location to hijasamericanas@wordpress.com within 5 days of receiving the book.

Game to be a Guerrila Gifter?  Let me know in the comments!

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7 responses to “Wanna be a Guerrilla Gifter?”

  1. Kat

    I’d love to be a GG. Louisville, KY needs your books!

  2. Nicole

    This is a cool idea! I live in Charlotte, NC.

  3. Lee Ann Bannerman

    She doesn’t know it yet, but my niece in Savannah would love this so on her behalf I am asking that her name be put in the pot instead of mine seeing as I’m in England!! Her name is Mary Evelyn Gunn.

    On another note – HI ROSIE!! I miss you and think of you so often(mostly when I am contemplating running and then don’t because I have no one to run with!). I love seeing you and hearing from you and keeping up with you in this way but sure miss you’re self! Lot’s of love, LA

  4. Jennifer Kramer

    Isaiah and I over here in Raleigh would love to be a gifter!!!

  5. Maria Rivera

    I want to be a gifter! I know exactly who I’ll gift it to, Jamie’s niece. This past weekend, I was wearing my “Beauty” t-shirt and she asked me about it. I was telling her that you were a friend and an author. I told her I’d loan her my copy of Hijas and told her about Beautiful You as well. She said she’d love to read both. I know she’d love to receive it as a gift!

  6. Alex

    Yes please! I’ll tell you today when I see you just in case you don’t get this in time. 🙂 I’m in Charlotte with you and can’t wait to read your book!!! I definitely think it needs to be passed on as much as possible!

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