So Long One, Hello Two

Well, the littlest kid turns 2 today.  We’ll celebrate with an end of the bed present ( a fun little something for him to open to start the day), a grandparent’s lunch at our house, and some Happy’s choice time in the  morning and afternoon.  My guess is that Happy’s choice will look like this: park in the morning and pool in the afternoon, but we’ll see.  On Saturday, we’ll celebrate with some friends at a local park.  

As you’ve heard 100 times, I tried my hand this year at taking a daily picture of Happy.  The end result was going to be a video of Happy’s first year but when I went to put together the video, I was overwhelmed by the sheer volume of photos.  So, instead, I used all the photos to pick from and create this great round up of his first year- representative of the tears, the smiles, and the moments of Happy’s 2nd year on the planet in three minutes.  While we’re celebrating Happy’s birth, his birth parents, his delighftul addition to our lives, and all that stuff, we invite you to say goodbye to one and hello to two along with us!       


And for you clsoe watchers, yep, we were matched with Happy 2 years ago last week and today we’re celebrating Happy’s 2nd birthday.  How did that happen, eh?  Did we happen to have an all-knowing adoption agency director?  Nah.  Ethiopia operates on a completely different calendar system (it’s 2002 in Ethiopia) and, for many people in Ethiopia, date is not the guide that it is for us here.  Hence, there was no birthdate on record when Happy entered into care and the embassy doctor who chose a date for Happy’s birth several months after he was born, chose August 26th and that is what it is on his birth certificat.  We believe Happy was at least a week old when we were matched on August 22nd and so his actual birth likely happened at least 11 days before we celebrate his birth, but that discrepancy isn’t a significant stress for us.  In fact, we know families who have adopted older children whose actual age are four or five years different from what is on their birth certificate. It’s just one of those things that can happen in international adoption.   

A few friends took some of these photos so many thanks to Jodi Merck, Jane Campbell, Lisa Uken, and Jenn Kramer for sharing photos of Happy with us over the year.

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7 responses to “So Long One, Hello Two”

  1. Yvette

    LOVE IT!!

    Happy Birthday Abe
    (yea i cant call him “baby face” anymore Ill think of a new nickname soon)

    Ro U did a great job on the video 😀

  2. Linda

    Precious! Abe and the video :o) Happy Birthday Abe! Can’t wait to see you and Mama. Great job Rosie! Love to all, ‘Aunt’ Linda

  3. Rosa

    Feliz 2 trips around the Inka sun Abe!!!Majestic 2 anos!!! 2 gifts: uno from the mama who gave him life y dos from the mama who is giving him in every precious moment the ‘how to” really live it!!!!!Roarsome pics!!!Congrats to the light filled parents.xx
    P.S. We are next on the Oz list for receiving a bebito from Colombia this Nov-Mar 2011 we are sitting by the phone ready for the call!!! 3 yrs has gone so fast…not!! ayy pacienca!!!

  4. Jenny

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HAPPY! (Never said that before!!)

    What ADORABLE pics. You guys have captured some priceless moments – your family will enjoy those forever!! And Happy is just so darn handsome. Love the song too!

  5. Jennifer M

    Happy Birthday! Loved the montage. It was so neat to see him growing up. Very cute photos.

  6. Elyssa

    Happy Birthday to Happy! I love that we share the same birthday! Now I’ll always think of him (and the rest of your wonderful family) on the 26th. 🙂

  7. Kate

    what a gorgeous collection of memories, Rosie! blessed, indeed, is this life!

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