The Sunshine Project, addendum

There are some great additions to the Sunshine project laundry list of things to try to boost one’s pep in her step.  Have you found anything to add to the master list as the week has gone by?   

I am writing this post on Wednesday, so I am giving you my updat e as of then: 

Monday’s Sunshine project experiences included spending time with a friend, cardio, being helpful, taking in sunshine, and reading a good book. 

Tuesday’s Sunshine project experiences included cardio, resistance work, dressing up (this is relative, we’re talking non-workout clothes), Playing with Happy (also relative, I play with Happy everyday so this category amounts to do something kinda special in that regard), and reading a good book. 

Wednesday’s Sunshine project experiences included massage, 8 hours of sleep, being productive, behing helpful, and reading a good book. 

And here is the most exciting part of this week’s Sunshine project endeavors– if all has gone right (and assume it’s all gone right or I would have changed this blog post), I am sitting on a beach right now with fabulous women who I really admire but don’t get to spend much time with, reading a very good book, and talking about our work in the world as we all share an affinity for some of the same issues and yet haven’t been able to get together in a very long time.    

Which brings me to today’s big questions.  What kind, joyous thing are you going to do for yourself this weekend?  Maybe you’ll inspire someone else here, maybe leaving a note here will make sure you do it, maybe it’s a great thing we can add to the list.  Share!     

Additional ideas:

Time with someone special


Taking photographs

Being in Nature



Eating foods reminiscent of childhood (and, for me, that would be holiday candies like candy corn, candy canes, and jelly beans.  Oh, I love some holiday candy like I love cupcakes).


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