What's going on with Beautiful You?

I was recently asked this question by several different people so I thought I’d opt for a public answer.

The book is completely out of my hands, out of my publisher’s hands and off to the printer.  That’s very exciting.  It should be ready to ship to bookstores across America in mid-September.  The “launch” date is October 5th which is when bookstores across America should have the book in stock to sell to buyers who are eager to start a little beauty revolution (a girl can hope, right?). 

We’re starting to get events scheduled.  A few travel dates are set although the details are not nailed down yet.  I know for sure that I am heading to Miami at the beginning of October and to NYC at the end of October.  There will be a launch event in my hometown that we’re sorting out and hopefully a really cool yoga/ Beautiful You event in Charlotte at a great yoga studio there.  We’ve also booked some collegiate Love Your Body Day/ Beautiful You events in mid-October.  In November, we’ll have the Beautiful You workshop that I am so excited about (come join me!) and I’ll start to do salon parties- little living room parties where hosts will invites friends and family to hear a little about Beautiful You and then discuss body image or do an activity or two from the book.  I am especially excited about those.

I am working on the book trailer and tackling the technology of it literally blows my mind, but I am having a ball with the photos that I’ve been sent (thank you! thank you!  I wish I could use all of them but three minutes flies by so I might not be able to use them all the first go round).  Can’t wait to have it together and ready to show you. 

Speaking of technology, I’ve entered the 21st century with a Facebook page (I was a hold out.) and a Twitter handle.  You can find me at both using my name.   Please, come find me.  I need some friendly faces for the journey.

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4 responses to “What's going on with Beautiful You?”

  1. Suezette

    I am soooo excited for this journey!!!!! I can’t wait for the book to come out, and I know what my friends are getting for XMAS!!!!!

  2. Elyssa

    Any chance you might have something scheduled in the Northeast?? 🙂

  3. Marisol Diaz

    This is just another great accomplishment and I can’t wait to blog about it for you and to help you with your sales (no matter how insignificant) in whatever way I can from up here in the NE. I will also have a perfect gift for all my girls this holiday season- thanks to you. I love that cover pic too – may be the one I ‘borrow’ to blog about it!!! YAY!!!!!

  4. rosiemolinary

    Thanks, Suezette, for your support all along the way and for that holiday gifting! I so appreciate it (and we’ll have to work out my geting them signed for you- we’ll figure that out).

    Elyssa, I woul d love to come to the Northeast. My touring is dictated by invitation so, hopefully, that will work out. THere is a possibility that I’ll go to Connecticut while I am in NY but I am thinking that might be too far south for you to make the trip. I’ll keep updating things here as I know more.

    Marisol, oh, thank you. I’d love to have you plug it on your blog. I can totally send you the book jpeg when the time is right. I’ll be back in touch about that soon. Oh, and thank you for wanting to give the book as a holiday gift– we’ll have to work out my signing them! Maybe you can come to NY while I am there!

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