Beach Bits


Ah, the beach.  Overall, it was a really great trip.  When Happy first saw the ocean this year (remember, he was an instant fan of the ocean last week and crawled right into crashing waves), he cried.  It took about an hour of playing in the sand with his back to the ocean before he was willing to discuss going down and checking out high tide.  But he did, and then exhibited a healthy sense of awe and fear of the water for the rest fo the week.  He was hesitant enough to not run in (and this kid runs into EVERYTHING- check out that sprint on the beach on one of our early morning walks) but excited enough to always grab our hand and pull us down to go with him.  He loved jumping waves, splashing into tidal pools, being pulled around in this little blow-up boat, and chasing the birds (fortunately, he never realized that he could feed the birds from his snack because birds totally freak BF out). We were there with friends and he was very much into the big kids– opting for them first and only reverting to us if a big kid wasn’t up for having a toddler tag along.

I didn’t get a lot of pictures this year compared to last year for a few reasons.  A.  I have had such bad luck with cameras in dry, indoor spaces, that I had a lot of hesitation about taking a camera outdoors for long periods of time.  Call me shell-shocked.  B.  Using a camera I wasn’t familiar with was really frustrating and I couldn’t figure out how to look back at the pictures that I had taken and only realized after I was home how many of them were not focused.  C.  The humidity (and, holy cow, could it have been any more miserable in North Carolina last week?) steamed the camera up so often that it was near impossible to get a non-foggy shot.  So here are the four best shots of the week.  I took about 50 shots one morning on the beach for a birthday picture for the babe and 45 of them are just a white haze.  Oh well.  What can you do but covet an SLR camera that you really have no business owning because you drop cameras and let toddlers pour water on them?             

One last thing: check out that last picture.  Isn’t the scar healing great?  You can barely tell that Happy fought the door and the door won.  Big ups to the ER doc who had done the plastic surgery fellowship.

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2 responses to “Beach Bits”

  1. Suezette

    I just love these pics, even though there are only a few…but still captures the fun he had! Get a cheaper camera and you won’t care if it’s dropped or wet!
    Muah! Ohhh-BF is freaked by birds too? Aye….that man! Cracks me up!

  2. Yvette

    Love the pix.. tip.. next time keep ur cam wrapped up and warm when ur inside this way it wont fog up when u take it outside.. it worked for us the last time i went to the beach.. OR buy a few disposable cameras.. they make waterproof 😀

    BF.. Birds?? Really??..lmao 😉

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